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Winter wedding: the advantages of marrying in winter

Traditionally weddings are mostly celebrated in summer. But what’s more romantic and surprising than a winter wedding?

We know that summer colours are inspiring, but also the winter white can be surprising. Snow, lights, the magic of Christmas and romance are only some of the most significant elements of marrying in winter. Because the cold often displays its own charm. Winter season can turn out to be a big source of inspiration for those who want to get married.

People say summer is the most suitable period to get married. No used phrase was ever more mistaken!

That’s why in this article we’re going to tell you all the advantages of a wedding in winter.

The outfit

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A summer wedding provides the choice of a light dress and a comfortable look. In case of a winter wedding, though, it’s not like that. During the cold months you’ll have the chance to dress like real snow kings and queens. Playing with style, using more fabrics, flaunting class and elegance also with temperatures close to zero. Winter clothes are very suitable for a classy ceremony, also because the summer season is not really elegance’s greatest ally. It’s more friends with convenience. A  snow white fur coat, winter flowers and elegant gilet and top hat: plenty of ideas for an icy grace.

The weather: no danger!

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The weather could seem a tricky obstacle to overcome, but it is not! Winter helps to select evocative and magical locations, since the common setting is an excellent deterrent in order to recreate magical and  fancy venues. Besides, the summer rain is percieved as a real danger that must be avoided. In winter, on the other hand, the snow falling down from the sky may be a wonderful element to season such a big day. Looking out of the window and feel comfortable, like in a film.

The charm of Christmastime

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How many times you fell in love with Christmas atmosphere coming at a certain point of the year? The magic of Christman doesn’t have equals, but mostly it never gets bored. Its charme could be shine the most important day of your life. What’s better than celebrate a wedding surrounded by traditional lights and gleams? Maybe choosing a charming location, into a mountain chalet di fronte in front of a nightly torchlight. A special atmosphere for unforgettables emotions.

It’s much easier

Planning a wedding in winter is easier than planning one in summer. Why? More flexible timetables, looming festivities, lower prices, unconventional period. All these details facilitate a quicker organisation, serene and leisurely. Taking care of the more boring issues will be nice and fast like unwrapping a present.

The guests can allow themselves more

In winter the color codes change and also your guests will give themselves a few liberties more. Warm tones like bright red or gold, not recommended for summer weddings, are actually highly appreciated in this time of the year. Flamboyant and lively clothing, paillettes and glitter may be worn in the right way to create a completely immersive atmosphere.

Wedding picture - winter

The winter wedding is symbolic

The winter wedding is a real symbol. Why getting married in summer and holding a ceremony the most common way, instead of breaking out from the pack and planning something truly extraordinary? Winter colours provide added value to those with an alternative mind and the will to amaze themselves and the others. A magic that needs no introduction, an atmosphere that’s practically been created by itself.


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