Wedding Trends in 2016

Everybody loves new beginnings, new goals ahead and hopes that this time around they will change themselves and their lives for the better. It also seems that the 2016 generation of brides and grooms want to change the trends and really own their wedding ceremonies incorporating a more personal look and feel to the whole shebang. The wedding trends in 2016 anticipate a generation of couples who appreciate a more modest and a more personal approach to the whole event.

Simple Settings

According to online reports and interviews with wedding planners, most of the 2016 couples are avoiding grand hotel halls, fancy restaurants and popular venues. They want their ceremonial setting to be simple and to have something to do with their relationship. Often they choose a place where they first met or had their first kiss. Sometimes they would theme the whole ceremony with details from a place that’s meaningful for their relationship. Alternative venues such as old, vacant barns at the countryside are also very popular.

Barn Venues
The countryside can be a really great choice for your special day with many hidden jewels

Hand-made details

Brides are pushing more and more for authentic decorations. Rather than hiring a planner or a decorator, brides-to be are more enthusiastic about making it their own little project. They gather their closest friends to help with the concept and the making of the details. Whatever they come up with, it’s important to make it personal and special. Also, it is much cheaper to buy what you need from discount stores and second-hand shops and make your own design.

It’s nice to add a personal touch to your wedding party and have hand-made details

Dress Code

The trend of having the best wedding outfits possible, like Armani or Vera Wang, is definitely dialing down. Although couples still want to look nice, they prefer to be comfortable and to have a style that’s meaningful and says something about them. Brides-to be tend to ask their moms or grandmas if they can try on their wedding dresses and then they would either adjust them or take some details off of them to incorporate in their style. Grooms on the other hand choose a more casual style these days. Not to say that the style is not elegant, but they prefer to have a twist to the old classic suit and tie or tux options. Maybe a white shirt with elegant pants and shoes paired up with funky suspenders or a bow tie, or even novelty cuff links. Even a modern hairstyle with a classic outfit gives a different look and feel to a groom’s appearance.

Alternative outfits
Be free with your love and your style

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