The table settings at a wedding can be very impressive, if you create them correctly.

This is where your guests will relax, where they will eat, listen to speeches, laugh with other guests and remember being throughout a long period of the wedding. It is the first thing your guests will see when they enter the reception, it is where you will personalise their presence at your wedding and it’s where your theme and colours have a chance to shine.

Everything must be carefully selected, from the chairs to the napkins. Each item staying within the chosen style and overall image.


Firstly, try to imagine how you would like the tables set up in the room, would you prefer round tables or long rectangular. Then draw a plan of the room and arrange which guests will sit where. This is a difficult task, you must choose the company of others carefully as they will be sitting together eating for a long time. Obviously the couple and other main characters of the wedding will be on a separate table, with a different layout and sat facing the guests.



The first thing the guests will look for is their table, their name’s should be on a table plan list and positioned outside of the reception room or area, usually the list is split into sections either by guest’s names in alphabetical order or by table numbers or names. Table names can be very creative, for example, names of: singers, actors, countries, states, colours, landmarks, flowers, liquors, animals….




Next, if you decide to allocate the guests also to a certain seat on each table, then you will need to create their escort cards. These can be designed to match the table colours and other decorations within the reception.

names list



Table decorations should consist of centrepieces, usually these are bouquets of flowers, but can also be balloons, candles or other beautiful, eye catching objects.



The menus can also be a feature on the tables in a particular design matching the wedding style. Even if there isn’t a choice, a menu can be made to indicate what will be served.



Then, there are the napkins, cutlery, glasses and plates. Beautiful silverware, napkin origami, along with each type of wine glass, make an impressive look. And if you would like to make an even more spectacular effect, why not have your items personalised.




And last but not least are the wedding favours. These are very personal suggestive gifts given to your guests to show your gratitude for them attending your special day. Ordinarily, the favours consist of a little box or pretty wrapping with sweets or chocolates inside. Although, the party favours can also be something more meaningful and extravagant.









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