The wedding table: 5 creative ideas

The wedding table is maybe the most important element to receive the guests at your wedding. It’s indeed essential to help them find their own place at the reception, or at the table to be seated at during dinner. And if until recently the wedding table was only a sheet of paper or a decorated card, now it’s much more than that.

But what are the most original ideas set up a creative wedding table that impresses all?

Wedding table

Romantic wedding table

Each table needs to have its signification: why not create something romantic on one of the most romantic days of the year? Flowers, gaudy colours, coloured hot-air balloons, candlelit names. Everything that can be set up to celebrate the love of two people is welcome. And, who knows, maybe to create a new one…

Botanical wedding table

What better way to inaugurate your own reception than with fresh plants and flowers to spruce up your own wedding table? To the flower arrangements may be added also wooden boxes, fake flowers, scents of the woods and small naturalistic caskets to make everything a lot greener. Because nature always wins.

Travel inspired table

Wedding tables with an inspiration to possible travels are a solution for those who want to give travel advice to their guests.Those who love the world also love themselves  and that’s why traveling with the mind may help people to discover distant lands, secret desires, travels that one considered impossibile to make. “Where would you go?” could say the card that would continue like this: “Paris, St. Moritz, Prague” with a lot of tiny maps to build a complete and definitely original wedding table. Curiosity could hang around with love.

Typographical table

Typographical tables could help an indecisive couple who’d like to customise the invitations. Highlighting in a specific way each guest will help to make the reception more addictive and funnier: for everyone a dedicated sign, with many decorations and customised drawings. It takes some time  to prepare these wedding tables but, it’ll be worth it.

Wooden boxes table

Wooden boxes may seem trivial and reused objects but it’s not like that. With the right shots of creativity the wooden boxes could, in fact,  prove to be a perfect compromise and a low cost choice best reserved for the guests. Big boxes, medium-sized, small ones: the dimension doesn’t matter, it’s the colours and the passion with which the special box is designed that count. Painting on every box the guest’s name, the greeting of the couple or a simple “have fun” will be seen by your guests as a symbol of affection towards them.

Five ideas, all to be discovered and reworked to make your reception even more creative!


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