What does the wedding planning business include?

What does the wedding planning business include? The wedding planner has been a real icon of marriage consultation for decades now. But what does the profession of a wedding planner really include? Is it just the choice of the set-up and the  management of the ceremony, or does his contribution expand to other aspects of the event?

The wedding planner is an attentive and a dedicated professional who carries out your requests taking care of every slightest detail of the most important day of your life. At this point one can start gathering all the aspects the wedding planning business has to focus on: set-ups, organisation of the ceremony, coordination of the whole day. The core task of the wedding planner, however, will always be taking away from the couple the worries that emerge from organising a wedding, which can often be long, complex and definitely challenging. In addition to these in nature strictly logistic tasks, the wedding planner can sometimes take on the role of a real artistic director, showing how much this (relatively) new job description could affect each  component of your day: from the gastronomic point to the artistic one, from the organisational point to the purely visual one.

In media culture the role of the wedding planner started to make itself widely known thanks to the 2001 film The wedding planner with in the lead a young Jennifer Lopez working as a wedding organiser. The film also features Matthew McConaughey in one of his first big successes on the big  screen, before consecrating himself in the Olympus of the Oscars. The character of Mary Fiore (interpreted in fact by Jennifer Lopez) is freely based on the character of Mindy Weiss, e.i. one of the most famous event planners of the United States and of the world. Author of 3 best sellers on wedding planning and creator of a genuine personal brand, Weiss organised the wedding of some very influential stars of the global show business like Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello and several members of the Kardashian family.

A scene from the movie "The Wedding Planner". The movie talks about wedding planning

Thanks to all these elements that in a meaningful way helped to insert this job description in the common consciousness, the wedding planning business has grown a lot also in Italy. According to the Jfc Consultancy, in fact,  in Italy the annual turnover of the destination wedding amounts to circa 315 million euros a year. This means that, as well as having become a glamorous and widespread practice, this business has become synonymous with confidence and reliability, also because of the qualitative and professional standards that changed the perspective of a more and more ambitious event.

Efficiency, perfection, logistics, attention to detail and style: that’s what the business of planning a wedding event stands for, which has to be managed the best possible way in order to make  any moment of the wedding ceremony and reception   exclusive and unique. Other than that the wedding planning business also includes team work between the professionals who are involved in the wedding preparations. Yes, because when the bride and groom are going to step into the spot light, there will be a team of professionals behind the scene to take care of any detail like make-up, outfit, visual, optional, photo op and catering. If this working together exists and if it’s efficient, the results will show immediately in the course of the day, that will become very enchanting for everyone.

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