Wedding and flowers: Idee Fiorite talks about it

We talked with William and Massimo di Idee Fiorite, our partners in wedding flower arrangements.  It’s not easy to conceive a floral theme dedicated to the ceremony and the reception, because you need the right creativity and the feeling of someone who knows how to represent the moment in the best possible way via colours, shapes and decorations. The two floral artists have told us of their experience from the time of their first steps until today. A small shop, almost a little piece of heaven when you notice the quantity of floral creations inside, in the heart of Lonato del Garda.

When have you decided to start this business?

“We both came from different professional sectors” – William said-“ but one day we decided to undertake this new adventure. At that time my mother was a wedding florist and she helped us a lot to start up this business. We started to organise weddings already in the first working year, 4 or 5 a year, and the number has since grown substantially. To this day we can count 40-50 weddings every summer.” A job passed on and taught, more than looked for. That’s the charm of it.

What kind of arrangements is usually requested the most?

“The arrangements dipend a lot on the kind of ceremony, whether it’s a civil or religious one. If we are at a historical location for a civil wedding, the arrangements are most of the time actual sceneries where we can throw ourselves and show off our creativity. All this, of course, in the service of the couple and of their choices. If the ceremony takes places in a church there are certain rules as every angle of the room (like altars or benches) has its meaning and has to display an appropriate flower arrangement.”  Creativity and professionalism, a perfect marriage.

A classic floral theme

What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever received over the years?

“It’s up to us to make special and one of a kind proposals, otherwise the weddings would be full of identical arrangements and patterns that are being used over and over again. A common aspect we noticed, though, is the younger the couple the more cautious they are in the choice of the flowers, perhaps contenting themselves with a classical one or with something not particularly elaborated. However, our advice is there’s never a limit to creativity and it’s right to dare and always find more solutions. In this case the relationship with the wedding planner is important: her opinion is usually essential because it’s she who creates the event line and who knows what works out perfectly for the type of ceremony that is being organised”. So, working and living by daring, in the first place.

A classic floral theme during a wedding cerimony

Are there any differences between foreign brides and grooms and Italian couples? If so, what are they?

“Not usually.  The perfect marriage is a common desire of all and Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda works for that. At the same time, though, the difference often lies within the requests, but I don’t think it depends a lot on the nationality but simply on the kind of person. Someone already knows what he wants, another one needs stimolation and input, and a third one leaves everything to us. That’s the beauty of this job, you adapt or you rely on someone according to his or her wishes and you know that what’s about to be created will be a success.If beauty and professionalism are the starting point, all the rest will fall right in line.”

The most requested flower?

“Definitely white roses and peonies, for every arrangement.”

A thought to describe your job?

A classic floral theme with roses

“It’s our job to understand what the bride and groom want. If their intentions are the same right away, which happens all the time, the work is made easier. Other than that, the fun: the choice of colours is quite often very odd, because it happens that we have to work on the basis of shades like blu and pink. The artistic in this job is essential, but everything should be in accordance with the personal tastes and this opens up endless paths.”




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