Every bride likes to remember their wedding forever, every detail, including their guests.

Providing a wedding guest book will enable your guests to leave messages and sign their name creating a beautiful and personal keepsake. Something a bride can treasure for life, remembering who was there and what they thought of their special day.

bookInside you can have blank pages so your guest can be creative or have printed sections to help them leave messages and information, also crazy styled pens could be a nice touch.




Alternatively, you can choose from many other creative ideas, your guests could sign messages and leave them in a bottle, sign a tree picture, quilt or pieces of a puzzle.


sign our quilt


Another entertaining way to gain personal messages from your guests is to hire a photo/film booth. This is a very fun way for your guests to tell you how much they are enjoying the event, seeing their expressions and hearing the tones in their voices.

You can also provide props and costumes to liven up the pictures and videos, prime examples are glasses, lips on sticks and moustaches.



What fun way will your guests leave messages?


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