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Remember the people who stood by you before you bumped into the love of your life? Yes these are the friends and family who put up with you moping around, waiting for prince/princess charming to show up. Sure your wedding day is and should be mostly about you – your happiness, your undying love and true devotion to your relationship and all that…but, nevertheless it would be nice to honor those who committed to you for years without a ring, a party or a legal bond, and you should not take that for granted.

So, to say thank you in a way they will really remember, have special party favors made for your guests. Sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the most memorable gifts because there are so many suppliers and manufacturers out there who are willing to provide tailor-made solutions for special occasions.

For example, you can go with the standard, but cute, personalized badges that complement the theme and the look and feel of the wedding party. They can be custom made for the best man and the maid of honor. They can have little thank-you notes on them, or a special trademark of the couple with the date imprinted on it. It can also be a joke about the newlyweds, something that everyone will enjoy and cherish.

Custom Made Wedding Badges

Custom Made Wedding Badges

If your crowd would enjoy sweets you’re in luck because you can order anything from uniquely wrapped Belgian chocolates, to customized honey and candy jars, personalized cookies and ice cream, chocolate fountains and cupcakes with your initials on them. But why stop at that when you can have specially made chocolate coins, heart-shaped dark chocolates filled with cherry, vanilla-flavored, white-chocolate buttons and marzipan sticks in a pretty little box that you can keep.

The overflowing chocolate fountain and treats to dip in it

The overflowing chocolate fountain and treats to dip in it

One of my favorite gifts are the colorful fortune cookies with a personalized message inside for each guest. You could also put the messages in small, glass tubes sealed with a tiny cork and tied with a bow that matches the setting of the wedding.

Fortune Cookies with Personalized Messages

Fortune Cookies with Personalized Messages

People also give away gifts like salt and pepper shakers, glass coasters, mini bottle openers, scented candles and photo frames. I prefer the gift to be either useful or meaningful. If it can’t be both it has to be fabulously designed to mean something. If you’re having a summer wedding a fan is a good idea for a party favor. Your guests will love it if they get warm and they’ll be able to use it after. I also like magnets. They are practical, decorative, easy to carry home, and you can design them however you please.

Wedding Magnets

Cute Magnets for Guests

A general notion is that people throw away these party favors, but that is not necessarily true. If you care about the couple, you’ll end up with a box of wedding favors safely tucked away. If the gifts are creative enough and personal, the people who love you will appreciate the surprise.

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