Valentine’s Day Forgotten

Forgot about Valentine’s Day? Are you getting the silent treatment? How do you get your wife to forgive you? Believe it or not, it possible to reclaim your best-husband-ever title.

It Wasn’t Me

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve remembered at the last minute, coming home from work empty-handed. Or even worse, you didn’t remember until you saw the eager look on your beloved’s face, full of hope and yearning for some good, old-fashioned Valentine attention. Act nonchalant. Try not to let her see that you know why she is upset. Play it cool like you’ve never heard of Valentine’s Day in your life. This could be very hard, but you know what I mean. V Day 5Try to stay as nonchalant and prepare a Valentine tornado weekend. Book a spa day for her at a nice place, make a movie marathon with all her favorite chick flicks that you hate so much, just to show her how much torture and pain you’re prepared to endure to show how sorry you are. And, you can’t just buy popcorn or something like that. You really have to make dinner. I repeat, MAKE, not order and make it seem homemade. Organize a day out together. Hit all her favorite spots to spend time. You want to show that you’re actually listening when she’s sharing something with you. If you forget Valentine’s Day, no gift is going to cut it. You have to get creative and get romantic. Take her sky diving. Take a trip to that lovely countryside she’s always suggesting. Dig up old memories and take her on a trip down the memory lane. Dude, you’ve just locked it down with this woman. You have to really work your way out of this, and expensive jewelry is not the way to go. She’ll be disappointed that you’re trying to buy your way out of this hick-up.

The Surprise Excuse

It’s Valentine’s Day. It’s all over the place, but guess what? You forgot! You’re standing outside of your door thinking about a quick fix, and not being able to come up with anything because it’s simply too late. She’s been in a bad mood since morning because she realized when you woke up and said nothing that you had forgotten all about it. So, instead of sleeping on the couch, you have no choice but to put on the puppy face and go with the oldest trick in the book, which is: “I had everything planned to surprise you, but my plan fell through, because…” and you just blame it on some higher power you could not influence. Then use your sexy charm and seduce her so that she forgets about Valentine’s Day. In a few days really surprise her with something unexpected and out of the blue. She’ll appreciate the attention and you’ll be off the hook.

V Day 4

Every Day Is Valentine’s Day 

You can always go with the invincible argument that Valentine’s Day for you is every day of your relationship and that you just don’t see the need to specially mark this stupid, overly commercial and imposed holiday. That could give you the upper hand if you make your speech convincing enough and turn the situation around so that she feels kind of lame for giving you a hard time even though you’ve been so attentive and caring regardless of special dates and holidays of mass hysteria. You may even get lucky for being so smart.

The Few Lucky Exceptions

There are those husbands who don’t have anything to worry about. They are the lucky few whose wives are more likely to forget Valentine’s Day and feel bad about it. The good news is they will go out of their way to make up for it. If you’re one of those lucky men, happy Valentine’s Day to you 🙂

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