Sos wedding favours: tips to be original

Every wedding has its location and its atmoshere, and that’s the primary reason why it’s always right to try and be original in the choice of one of the most important elements of your ceremony: the wedding favours. Don’t you have any idea what wedding favour you should buy because you are spoilt for choice or are you tired with coming up with an item already in use? These are our tips for a selection of original and memorable wedding favours, that may write a lasting memory in everyone’s heart. A symbol of affection and gratitude towards your guests, as well as a tradition to formally welcoming them to the nuptial event: the wedding favours are what our friends and relatives take home with them and store to keep a special memento of the wonderful day spent together. Ampoules, bonsai, candies, special objects, figurines, gift bags, scrolls: what is truly the right choice to make?

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Wedding favours to be planted

Among the various ideas going through your mind, we propose ecological favours. This kind of favour can be made DIY or carried out by a trusted florist. Flowers and plants are always an appreciated item, mostly because they may serve as a cosy household ornament. Aromatic plants and succulents, bonsai, fake flowers, flower arrangements: a lot of ideas to create “green” wedding favours, the result of the passion of someone  with green fingers or someone who loves natural elements.

Personal wedding favours

A very efficient and appreciable  item is the wedding favour to take home. This type of favour represents the perfect option for whom wants to give away to his guests an object to always be kept with them, like a lucky charm that brings back memories of a beautiful day spent together. Pens, key rings, wind chimes, bracelets, necklaces: all wedding favours which symbolise the will to stay in every guest’s heart.

Wedding favours for the home

Are your guests hard to please? Don’t you have enough ideas? Well then, it’s time to select favours for the home, like air fresheners, scented candles, a set of wooden kitchen utensils which your loved ones can use every day. In this way you can be sure that your wedding favour will be an appreciated and functional gift.

Sculptures and miniatures

Even if these favours may be included in the previous category, choosing for sculptures and miniatures could be a very good solution. Model cars and planes, classic or Greco-Roman statuettes, ceramic ornaments, display cups, ethnic artifacts, small works of art. If you are aware of having friends and relatives who are especially creative and who are art lovers, why not choose an artistic work? The magic of a creative artifact would make the whole wedding atmosphere even more magical!

Particolar beverages and local ingredients

Spirits, artisan beers, special oils, kitchen spices, honey and bitters: is there anything better than putting your passion into wedding favours if you love the taste of a special drink or a traditional ingredient? Tradition and good taste are also and most of all present in the beverages of our land and our country. The quality of a good spirit or a particolar ingredient may punch through in the hearts of all, also because Italy and good taste are one and the same.


Home made sweets and customised by you certainly fall under the brilliant ideas for cheap wedding favours or for someone with fewer resources.  One can go wild in the kitchen and prepare, for instance, cookies to put in crude paper baggies that you wrap in soft and scented fabrics if you look for a classier option. The thought of testing yourselves around the kitchen doesn’t move you? Ask for help from a friend or a relative because you know: cooking is therapeutic and could make you forget for a few hours the tension of the most important day of your life! Use the sweets as personalised place cards for each of your guests. You’ll leave your mark!

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