Simple Elegance Never Goes Out of Style

Long gone are the days when people lived slowly and used to enjoy moments in life more than nowadays.  Today life goes on much faster and everything is available all the time so people forget to cherish the simple things in life.  In old movies people are always so elegant, from the way they walk and talk, to the way they dress.  Old-school, retro things bring back that classiness that never goes out of style, and they are a great wedding inspiration.

When planning a wedding, THE dress is always in the center of attention, of course it is, and it will always be, but let’s focus on the groom for once. This time, the accent is on old-school gentlemen. Groom’s attire is as important as the bride’s gown. The variations are endless, from vintage groom’s vests, suspenders, bow ties and casual velvet jackets to formal suits. The goal is to choose an outfit that will emphasize the man’s personality.  And it is certain that the bride will love it!

Let’s just take a look at these inspiring groom outfits:

As we know, bow ties are a huge come back and that’s great because they are the symbol of elegance.


Cool bow tie


Suspenders can be very practical and they are a great accessorize:


Stylish suspenders


Vests are perfect vintage details:


Vintage vest


For those more classic types of guys there is always a safe choice of elegant formal suit.


Classic suit


How will the groom look depends from his personal style, but one is certain, men can really have fun planning their wedding day look.

Naturally, handsome groom and a true gentlemen has a beautiful bride by his side. This old-fashioned couple will surely know how to bring elegance and romance to their life.

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