Something old, new, borrowed and blue

According to the Old English rhyme created in the Victorian times, these items can give the bride a prosperous and happy marriage.

Although the exact origins of the poem are not known, it is a very popular tradition among brides to wear these items which can help create more character to her look; it can also get the grandmother, mother, sisters, bridesmaids and friends more involved in the overall design of the brides outfit.


oldSomething old – this is to symbolise continuity of the bride’s family. Usually, an accessory is handed down through the family from a mother or grandmother to the bride. Jewellery, headpieces, veils, or wedding dresses themselves are among the popular items for something old.

shoesSomething new – this is to symbolise optimism for the bride’s future. Anyone can buy the bride something new, including the groom or even the bride herself. Usually the something new item is a pair of shoes, although, the dress can also be considered it, if bought new.

brush3Something borrowed – this is to symbolise happiness for the future. The bride is borrowed something from a happily married woman whose good fortune should then be passed on to the new bride’s future. The something borrowed is often a piece of jewellery, but a purse, comb, veil or headpiece can also be lent to the bride for the day.

pantsSomething blue – blue symbolises trust, honesty and loyalty. Usually the bride wears an accessory or item of clothing to show faithfulness, purity and fidelity; the most common of which is underwear or a garter, although shoes, nail polish, hairclips/bands and jewellery are also quite popular. In fact, the first wedding dresses in history were blue (the first cakes were made from meat, but lets not go there); many sayings were created from the tradition, such as ‘marry in blue, always be true’.


And a silver sixpence in her shoe – this is a wish for good fortune and prosperity. A sixpence became a lucky charm in the middle ages, this was a time when people believed in evil spirits and that the spirits were more likely to appear at rites and ceremonies bringing bad luck. Anything from a horse shoe to a lucky coin was considered as a fortunate item.

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