The most important item at a wedding is absolutely without doubt the bride’s dress.

The bride should feel comfortable when showing off her gown, in order to do so it should be chosen according to the shape of her figure. If a woman feels confident in what she’s wearing, it shows in the way she walks and holds her posture, this can make the dress seem even more beautiful and elegant. Feeling comfortable also comes from the fitting of the outfit, in whether or not it hugs in all the right places and hides all the insecurities.

your shape, your wedding dress.

Different dress styles suit different figures. Here are the four most popular types:

Ballgown – tight fitting top with a full bodied long skirt reaching the floor, definitely creates a fairy tale wedding: Perfect for straight and boyish type figures, gives a curvier look, hides a pear shape, shouldn’t be worn by petite women as the gown can be a little over powering.


A-line- fitted bodice with a long flowing bottom half, can reach the ground or be knee length: Suits most body shapes, great for a slimming effect on large brides, creating curves on the more slender brides, or lengthening a shorter bride’s height. It is the most popular choice of dress as it works in so many ways.


Mermaid/Trumpet- fitted from the chest to the knees, then flares out: A great shape for tall brides as the sections help to reduce height, also a great way to dress curvy hour glass shapes, hugging a more full bodied bride in all the right places.


Mini- a dress that finishes above the knee, can be tight or loose fitting: Ideal for hiding tallness or shortness, also great for creating curves, should be avoided by plumper brides.



What body type do you have? what style of dress will you choose to marry in?

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