The Rocca of Lonato: the emotion of a unique place

One of the most important locations of SWLG is undoubtedly the Rocca … The fortified building that overlooks the residential aerea of Lonato, was constructed in the tenth century and played a strategic role from the beginning in terms of defence and military. From 1300 onwards until the end of the 1700s the building has been the scene of numerous historical events that made it one of the pillars of the local historical tradition. Around 1920 the building was bought by senator Ugo Da Como and is at present the property of the foundation that bears his name. The fortress is an extraordinary location meant for special occasions. For those who seek the exclusivity of a place capable of transmitting unforgettable emotions, it is possible to organise weddings, corporate events, receptions and private parties in the spaces of the millenary fortress. This unique environment, very charming and suggestive, where you can enjoy an unparalleled view of Lake Garda, will remain in the guests’ memories. The Foundation Ugo Da Como possesses a whole monumental complex which, besides the fortress, also includes the historical House of the Podestà (it too designed in some parts, for ceremonies), the Library and the Museum of Birds.

Watching the rocca from the top

We had the honour of talking with Roberta Valbusa of the Foundation Ugo Da Como, who told us some curiosities regarding the general structure and the future projects she will host.

“The House of the Podestà is small but cosy and absolutely charming”, Roberta said.

“Inside there is a reading room with a maximum capacity of twenty people, where you can perform the civil ceremony, as it is one of the places identified by the city to be used on occasions of this kind. In this part of the house it is possible to perform only the ceremony, although we very rarely allow a lunch or a dinner for up to 10 people, inside the rooms of the museum. In general, however, the wedding vows and the dinners for two are held on the terrace of the fortress which has a breathtaking view. The wedding party therefore is facing more the castle area than the area of the House of the Podestà. This is not a mere castle, but above all a national monument and that’s why the operational plans push more towards this last one”.

A picture of the dining room of rocca

From October 2017 the important construction site has been launched for the complete rebuilding of the facility that hosts the events and of the interior path of the Rocca.

The new space can recieve more than 200 people: the minimalist design style and the interior fittings glorify the historical and scenic environment of the Rocca, which makes this modern glass house a perfect spot for weddings and events. The new construction is also the ideal location for corporate events and meetings, conferences and art exhibitions.

An image from rocca of Lonato

A one-of-a-kind and timeless place, the pride and joy of  the locations selected by SWLG for your wedding. Between history and tradition, the magic of the wedding is surrounded by the power of a past still among us, full of mystery and beauty, that clings to the present to remind everyone of what it wants to pass on to us.

For more information on the history or on the entire monumental complex you can directly consult the website: and

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