Roaring 1920s as a Wedding Party Inspiration

The 1920’s were the years of free spirit, jazz music and gin, exciting parties, fashion, flapper girls and decadence. When it comes to fashion this was a whole new era, women stopped wearing conservative clothes and started wearing tubular dresses and short skirts with pleats and gathers. The clothes had to be comfortable so the girls could dance all night. That was exciting and new “flapper look”. The luxury and extravagance of these wild years was eloquently captured in well known book and the movie “The great Gatsby”. That was a lavish world of crazy parties, music, beautiful women, breathtaking love stories and a lot of style. These roaring years were, and still are a huge inspiration for movies, fashion and art in general. Obviously, everything from the 1920’s sounds like a great idea for a glamorous, fun wedding party.



Silky, velvet and satin fashionable flapper dresses for the beautiful bride. These vintage looking dresses accentuate woman’s sensuality and tenderness.

great gatsby

Flapper wedding dress

What more can a woman want, than a true gentleman?

These elegant 1920’s inspired outfits will give the groom that fashionable classy look:


1920s gentleman

When both the groom and the bride find that perfect chic outfit, than it’s time to organize a crazy 1920’s wedding party. Art deco black and golden-glitter decorations, great food, lots of whiskey and gin and live music that really gets the crowd dancing will do the trick!


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