A wedding is very personal, so why would anyone choose to hire someone else to do the work for them?

Less stress: Your big day is arriving, you can not wait, everything has to be perfect, and planning every last detail will so much fun…. Or will it? Not only can meetings, business searching and other wedding arrangements be a very exhilarating experience, but it can also be very stressful and create tension and arguments between couples, families and friends. By hiring a wedding planner, you can still be in control of all the decisions, you just don’t have to find any solutions to any problems that might arise or have to ‘take care’ of things that don’t interest you, you can quite simply ‘pass on the headaches’.

less stress

The wedding will take place in a foreign country: If you are choosing to get married abroad, then yes your day will be spectacular, unique and involve A LOT of planning. Wedding planners that are based in different places have a list of all the best local businesses you’ll need, so you won’t have find them yourself, or worry about language barriers, as most foreign wedding planners have translators for their English clients. The wedding planners will also take care of your guests, which in itself is a huge amount of work. You can sit back and let someone else organise a numerous amount of hotel rooms, airport transfers, maps and directions to the other fun things to do while in the area, they can also create welcome hampers for your guests that can be waiting in the hotel on their arrivals.


To save time: Do you find that your life is so busy with work, children, hobbies, or it could be that you would just never find time to plan a wedding. Planning a wedding can involve so much work, not only do you have to organise booking the venue, but also everything inside the venue, right down to the spoons. Then, there are the guests, their transportation, hotels and their general needs throughout the event. And of course what is a wedding without a church, legal documents, flowers, bridesmaids’ and groom’s outfits, the bride’s dress, hair and make-up, and the rings. All these things need extra special care and attention. Maybe your wedding day is too close to fit all these preparations in, wedding planners can speed up the organising process.



To save money: A lot of costs in regards to weddings can be overlooked at first. There are so many hidden fees and costs that can arise unexpectedly, items needed that were never on your original list. A wedding planner eliminates all these financial issues, you basically agree on a budget and that’s that. A wedding planner also knows how to make the most from your budget, where to get the best for your money. They know their area, they know the businesses, and they know exactly what needs to be paid for right from the start.



To turn a dream into a reality: Let’s face it, if you wanted your car fixed, you would go to a mechanic, if you wanted your hair cut, you would go to a hairdresser, if you were house hunting, you would go to an estate agent. The best way to achieve what you want is by going to someone who specialises in that department. Therefore, if you want your dream wedding you should hire a wedding planner as they know how to create it.



You’re not that fussed: Ok, this sounds strange, you could ask, why would someone not be that fussed? but, there are people out there who are just not into it. I for one am one of those people. I couldn’t think of anything worse than to have to pick out flowers, talk about cutlery, visit different venues and have to talk to so many different people. Then there are choices, I am also very indecisive and would find it stressful to have to choose between different details, food menus and hotels. I would like to quite simply say something like ‘I would like a blue theme, an indoor and outdoor area, 80’s/90’s disco music (or something along those lines) and then have a surprise. See what the experts can do with your budget, rather than try to create the image in your head, what they develop may take your breath away more than your own dream.






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