Asking a girl to marry you isn’t an easy task, the proposal should be a well thought out romantic plan. There are a lot of different ways to propose, but even more ways to personalise them to your relationship.


For example, a very meaningful way to ask a girl to marry you would be doing so in the place you first met. Maybe you met in a bar, supermarket, beach or an event, where ever it was it will have a sentimental meaning to your relationship. You could prepare the scenery before she arrives, maybe by using rose petals, flowers or balloons.


Proposing at home can be very intimate. A romantic film, candles, chocolate, bubble bath and how about a surprise message in a cup or ring in a glass, very simple and inexpensive, yet very effective.

day out

Taking your future wife to a famous landmark for a day out or short break is a very special and memorable way to propose. Just the two of you, in a new location, lots of wonderful new things to discover and surprise out comes the ring making the place even more extraordinary.


With the help from your friends and family, creating a surprise party proposal can be a great way to share the excitement of the event. Having loved ones around can produce a wedding type atmosphere as these are the people who will be with you on your special day. You can include them in the proposal by giving them themed clothes or asking them to hide and jump out at a certain time.


A dinner proposal is probably the most popular way to ask your loved one to marry you, but who’s to say it has to be done in a restaurant? At home, a picnic in the park or romantic dinner on the beach are just some examples of where you can set up a romantic dinner for two. Using candle light and wine will surely set the mood for love.


Why not make a special day even more special. Birthdays and Christmas have magical feelings about them already, by proposing on a day like this you can create higher levels of excitement and sentimentality. Or how about the most romantic day of the year, St Valentines day, the day itself expresses love, so why not express yours with it.

Other ways to make things special could be hiring a band, magician (to make a ring appear), putting up banners in streets or anything else that tells your fiance to be that you have prepared the event, this shows that the proposal means a lot to you and are willing to go out of your way for her, this is very important when asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you.


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