Our pets are like our children, so naturally we want them to be involved in our marriage, so why not invite them to our wedding?



Having your pet at your wedding is becoming more and more popular, not only does it give a great sentimental feeling, but they can also create adorable photos.

They can be included in the wedding as a guest, bridesmaid, pageboy or ring bearer.

If you would like your pet to attend your wedding, but feel it may be hard work, get yourself a pet sitter. A pet sitter can give your pet attention when moments are intimate and quiet, check that they are fed and watered, plus they can clean up any messes that your pet creates.

Perfectly Pictured People and Pets in Purple

Although dogs are maybe the most popular pets that attend weddings, other pets can be included too. In fact, any animal can attend with the right planning and training. Dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs and other farm animals have been invited to their families’ wedding.



You could also create a double wedding with your pets. If you pets love each other just as much as you and your partner do, why not give them their own ceremony.


Animals make cute and unique ways to propose too, what better way is there to ask your loved one to marry you? Those cute faces, maybe some clothing or other props to get a really cute atmosphere. What girl could say no to such an adorable proposal?



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