Outdoor Wedding Spots

Outdoor weddings are the ultimate dream for most couples. Serious kudos to those who really want to eat their wedding cake by the fire while watching the first snow falling outside. But how many such couples do you know? Hm…exactly 🙂 Not a lot.

Recently I spoke to some friends and one of them, who really likes camping, mentioned that if he ever gets married it would either be on a beach that’s really secluded, wild and not well known, or on a mountain, perhaps by a beautiful lake. Sounds awesome, just imagine those wedding photos on a secret beach in Greece or Italy, or at the French countryside. Who could resist such a spot, like the Greek island of Chios for example, at Nagos beach.

Nagos Beach - Chios

Nagos Beach – Chios. Small, intimate, ideal.

You can get married on an island that is not as commercial or popular as Santorini, Mykonos or Cephalonia and still meet your budget. Shorten your guest list and order food at a local tavern. Make your own playlist and forget about expensive wedding clothes. Nothing can be more valuable than getting married where you wanted, perhaps in Sorrento, Italy. Get married at city hall, or at the vista point above the city. Later just go down to the beach, have a drink and enjoy your day with your closest people. 

Sorrento, Italy - A

Sorrento, Italy – Amalfi coast

Maybe you would prefer the French countryside, like the historic village of Domme, situated on a hilltop overlooking the Dordogne river valley. You can get married on the river bank or at the fort on top of the hill. Later you can organise a modest picnic beside the lake and spend the day with friends. There are so many great things to do and learn in Domme, that you can stay there for your honeymoon and continue backpacking around the south of France enjoying great wine, great food, important historic and cultural spots, and incredible nature.

Domme, France Dordogne Valley

Domme, France Dordogne Valley

If you are an enthusiast and a camper, even better. You can choose the best spot for your wedding day, where you can literally be alone with your friends and family somewhere in Europe which is full of low budget camping vacation spots buried in the beautiful mountain and coastline villages from the Netherlands all the way to the Balkans and Southeastern Europe. Let your wedding gift to you be a new adventure and a trip that you’ll never forget.

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