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Outdoor wedding: our advices

The warm season is almost upon us and it’s nearly time to organise your outdoor wedding in a summer location. Indeed, with the nice weather you really want to be out in the open and it becomes your greatest wish to look for a perfect outdoors for your reception, before and after the wedding.

But what are the ideal locations for your outdoor wedding ? Here’s our advice!

Picture of an outdoor wedding

Setting up a wedding is not easy, mostly an outdoor wedding where every detail has to make the place where we are pleasant and comfortable. In the world of SW there is a big choice of fantastic locations to enjoy the warm season and to organise a dream wedding in the open. Have you already visited our corresponding web page? Good, now we can start with our advice for an excellent organisation.

Decoration and setting

You haven’t yet picked a theme for your marriage? You should know that each aspect of the ceremony as well as of the reception needs to be characterized by the same print that can be seen also in the smallest details, but not too much. An outdoor wedding in itself provides a lot of points to get inspired and to create any kind of decoration. Nature will still be hard to rule, but it speaks for itself and it can bring beautiful elements for your wedding party!

You won’t need to necessarily look for an element common to all or to consider a perfectly appropriate setting up: just observe the colours and the scents that the current period and season are offering you.

Keep a plan B

In life the unexpected is around the corner. Also on a sunny day, and so you might find yourselves in a sudden downpour that could spoil your sweet time in the open. What to do? Keep a plan B as an alternative to your outdoor wedding. In the world of SWLG the locations offer numerous solutions to select an alternative ready to save you from the water on the dress (and above all on the coiffure!)

Manage well the space for a perfect outdoor wedding

Picture with a group of people celebrating with songs for the oudoor wedding

Space is essential during a wedding: what’s really comfortable if not a spot where the guests can move freely and in serenity? You finally found the location to be the framework for your splendid wedding in the open and now everything is ready to start the preparations: whatever kind of location it is, the first thing to do is definitely a sweep of the place. Are you already informed about the capacity of the space? Beyond that, it will be crucial to know the exact number of the guests and how it can match with the potential width of the place.

Do you have other doubts on the organisation of the perfect wedding, perhaps concerning the tableau de mariage? Read here!

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