Maid of Honor Essentials

Your best friend is getting married and she asked you to be her “wingwoman” through the whole shebang. We’ve prepared a list of essentials that a reliable maid of honor must have on her at all times to handle any crisis or bad luck that, God forbid, may struck on the big day.

Bobby pins

It is most likely that the bride will have her hair up somehow, so extra bobby pins, both matching and ordinary black ones, will certainly come in handy if the bride’s hair needs quick fixing. Other than that, a booby pin can come in handy for many other things such as holding a torn bra strap, fixing broken jewelry, unlocking jammed doors, imitating a paper clip to hold all the envelopes and cards, and so on. You can also use it as a tool to apply glue to fake eyelashes and as a fixer of unwanted nail polish disasters. A bobby pin can be a very useful maid-of-honor weapon.

The ultimate maid-of-honor tool

The ultimate maid-of-honor tool


Make sure your magic maid-of-honor purse contains the right shade of the bride’s lipstick. You must be thinking that she will surely put one in her purse, which is true, but what if she loses it, breaks it or simply forgets it? You will need to come to her rescue and pull out a brand new lipstick out of your purse. Remind her to fix it every now and then so that she looks beautiful for picture taking and throughout the evening. You’ll surely save the day if you bring this item with you.

You have to know the bride's lipstick shade in the middle of the night

You have to know the bride’s lipstick shade in the middle of the night

Sewing kit

Always pack a pocket-size sewing kit. Most of the time, this kit will have a pair of small scissors, a sewing needle, a few different types of thread, a safety pin, and a button. You never know what could happen to the dress. You may need to stitch something really fast, or simply fix a loose seam or ornament and you might need a thread and a needle for that. Why risk going without it? You can even put a piece of white or ivory thread through the needle having it ready to just start sewing of necessary. That’s just what best friends and exemplary maids of honor do.

Another powerful tool to a maid of honor

Another powerful tool to a maid of honor

Make-up removal wipes

Don’t leave the house without make-up removal wipes. A wedding is an emotional time for everybody. There will be happy tears involved so it is likely that everyone around you will need make-up removal wipes to clean the runny mascara and fix their make-up. The wipes are also a great ally when taking out stains. So having them is a win-win situation.

Folding flats

As a woman, you should know that your bride will not be able to dance and stand in heels the whole time. Luckily, nowadays you can buy stylish folding flats everywhere in various colors. They are very practical and they come with their own cute little bag to carry them in. Your bride could feel overly confident on her big day thinking that the divine forces would spare her the pain, caused by high heels, and she might leave her flats behind. At one point she could give in to the pain and turn to you for a solution. That’s when you confidently wink at her and just pull out the bag with the flats.

Be prepared for bride's tired feet

Be prepared for bride’s tired feet


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