Lord of the Rings

After so many affairs you’d like to forget, you finally feel like you should jump in the eternal circle with that special woman who will put up with you for the rest of her life. Amen and congratulations. Surely the quest was not easy. But now, to definitely seal the deal, you have to really amaze this girl by being the lord of the engagement rings. The hardest task for any groom. There thousands of rings to choose from, and with choices start the nightmares, nervous breakdowns, nail biting, fear, and of course, despair.

Have no fear. Source: panicgroom.com
Have no fear, help is here.
source: panicgroom.com

When in doubt, go with vintage. It would be best if you have an engagement ring that has been passed on in your family. Girls today adore the label “vintage” because it sounds fancy, traditional and has a story attached to it. Even if it’s not the ring she expected, she will appreciate the gesture more.

Most vintage cuts are chic, groovy and one of a kind. Bingo!
Vintage cuts are chic, groovy and one of a kind. Bingo!

If you don’t have a family engagement ring, you have to look for something special. Don’t overthink it. The simplest design is usually the most elegant and the one that works. The princess cut is also one of the safest choices.

A princess cut diamond is classic and it works.

If you’re wife-to-be likes flashy bling and you’ve seen her wear bombastic jewelry, you could go with bigger stones and more detailed designs. Be careful though because there is a thin line between “detailed but tasteful” and “flashy and tacky”. We recommend you ask a girl’s help with a choice like this.

Flashy, expensive, Hollywood-style rings. Choose wisely.

If you don’t like anything, you can always ask a professional to help you design your special ring. This is the ultimate level of testing after which, if you succeed, you’re certified as the “Lord of the Rings”. Make it symbolic of your time together. Make it look funny. Make it evoke an important memory. The ring will deteriorate in time, but the story about it will live on. Some girls would go crazy over the Star Wars cut below. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

star wars inspired

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  1. 24th September 2015 at 3:15 pm

    If you’re proposing to someone you probably have a good sense of her style. If you haven’t discussed rings with her, your next best bet is to talk to a few of her closest friends. There’s a good chance they will have some insights!

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