And they lived happily ever after

When it comes to weddings, there are no rules to follow and every wedding is a unique one. Most of the girls dream about their big fairytale wedding their whole lives.

Now, finally your prince charming has come and it is your turn to be a princess for one day.  For those of you who never want to grow up, Disney themed wedding is a perfect way to say “I do”. Of course, everything is in the details.  In order to avoid your wedding to be cheesy, over the top, or to look like a six year old girl’s birthday party, everything has to be classy with just a little bit of magic. That means that you can incorporate a few interesting Disney themed details and everything will have that enchanting magical look.

Here are some ideas:

First comes the cake! As it is pointed out, everything has to be nice and delicate with simple fairytale motives like cute Mickey Mouse ears or a beautiful castle.


Disney Wedding Cakes

Ok, maybe Cinderella glass shoes are too much and they are probably not very comfortable, but these yellow high heel shoes and cheerful sneakers will give the couple that perfect childish fairytale look:



Chic shoes

Naturally, the guests will not be left out of this Disney story, so the invitations and a unique sitting list also have to be touched with a magic wand:

Magical invitation



Disney unique sitting list


This extraordinary wedding is a perfect beginning of the “happily ever after” story for those couples who have always believed in Peter Pan and never growing up, and of course, in true love.




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