Lego Themed Wedding

Some people see Lego as toys for children, but for some of us, Lego sets are much more than just toys. This Danish construction toy is age appropriate, no matter how old you are. There are many people all around the globe who are huge collectors and fans of Lego. It’s only logical that Lego loving couples want to reflect what they love on their wedding day. For them we have found couple of cool ides how to include the interlocking bricks and mini figures in their big day. We promise, these ideas are so cool that even those who are not fans of Lego will love it!

The Cake

As always, first comes the cake, these awesome colorful, cheerful Lego wedding cakes are so cute that it is a pity to cut them.

Lego cake

Wedding cakes don’t go without cake toppers, and these funny ones will surely make your day!

wedding cake toppers lego


Groom’s accessories 

If you taught that Lego weddings are childish, not elegant, look at these beautiful cuff-links and think again:

lego manzetne 2lego manzetne 1


Edible Wedding Favors 

These cute little gummy treats look like, and work like regular building blocks. Maybe children will actually play with the food, but who can blame them.


For those of you who are chocolate lovers, we have found these black and white chocolate blocks. Your guests will love these delicious  little bites.

BeFunky Collage 1000000000000000



As this should be an authentic Lego themed wedding, flowers should also be made of these colorful small construction blocs. Ok, maybe not all of them, but a few, just to keep up with the Lego spirit.

lego flowers


The Rings

We didn’t forget about them, even the wedding rings can have Lego inspired decoration.

lego f LEgo wedding rings


Wedding Invitations

Lego wedding invitations are so adorable and romantic that they can be a great inspiration for regular, traditional weddings.



Lego is world of its own, and true fans will know how to incorporate a piece of it in their big day. One thing is sure, all these colorful bricks, small figurines and other Lego cute things remind us of the childhood memories and bring back the inner child in all of us.


BeFunky Collage323

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