Keep Calm And Find the Perfect Wedding Dress For You

There are  few simple rules to follow in order to find the perfect wedding dress for your big day:

Time is on your side

Start looking for your dress on time, don’t rush it and don’t try too many dresses at once. Even if you think that you have found the one, sleep it over and try it again tomorrow. Also you have to be aware not to start looking for the perfect gown too early because at the end you will have to many options, that will confuse you and make you panic.
Good cop, bad cop rule
Second rule is to wisely choose who you are going to take as a support when trying on dresses. You will need someone who is positive and not very critical to make you feel good in almost everything that you try. That’s a good cop, he or she will be a great support to you and you will feel good about yourself.
Bad cop is one of your friends that always says the truth no matter how tough it is. This person is someone who is not afraid to tell you that something just doesn’t fit you. Most of the times you “hate” these guys, but at the end of the day you are thankful to them.
Timeless dress
You are reading popular magazines, watching fashion shows and you follow latest trends, that’s great, but when it comes to the wedding dress, classic is better than trendy. Why?
Have you ever seen photos from your parents or your aunts wedding and laughed at their fashion choices? That answers your question. Your dress has to be timeless, so the safest choice is something simple with trendy details.

Think outside the box
Your whole  life you have been wearing short dresses and you think that long ones just don’t look good on you. Don’t be afraid to try it, maybe you have been wrong all that time. Be open minded, try different types of dresses even if you think that they won’t fit you. You would be surprised how many people at the end choose the one dress that they didn’t even want to try on.

Follow your guts
You have tried beautiful dress that looks great on you, but you feel like something is missing? You should probably avoid that dress because no matter how beautiful the dress is, there must be a reason why you are not completely satisfied with it.

How do you feel in dress?
Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel beautiful, special? Can you dance in your dress? Do you feel confident? If the answer to all these questions is –  Yes, then, congratulations, you have chosen the right one!

Photography by Craig Mitchelldyer 503.513.0550


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