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Just Limo: the car rental between passion and territory

For some time now our weddings have made use of car rental services to accompany the bride and groom before and after the ceremony (we told you the magic of a winter ceremony here), with the purpose of giving the couple some intimate and quiet moments during the day.

Just Limo car rental limousine pictureOne of those is Just Limo, a reality that began in 2015 in Castiglione delle Stiviere as an idea of the founder and only partner: Stefano Giubelli. We had the chance to have a chat with him, to tell us his story but primarily to talk about the services that his company offers to all couples that want to have a special experience on the banks of Lake Garda.

How did you come up with the idea of opening a car rental? Picture car rental cars Desenzano sunset

I got the idea in 2015 when a partner and myself thought about starting up and experience that was missing in the local area. We have always shared this great passion for cars, so we decided to find out about the purchase of a car in order  to get on its feet a car rental project. Our first choice, mainly by heart, was to buy a limousine. That car posed us a real challenge: a risk worth taking to try and build something significant. A ‘97 Lincoln Town Car, leather interior, a fully-fledged iconic car. In no time we adjusted it, made it look more inviting, put it in a garage in Bergamo that we have rented since then.

How has your car rental path continued?

Then my partner received a big job offer. Because it was an offer out the door, he decided to accept it and leave everything to me. This fact did nothing more than make my commitment even more compelling, now that I had to take forward all the planning on my own. The people didn’t encourage me and kept saying to me that I should give up everything, because it was more likely to run up against obstacles than to succeed. And then, the turning point: wanting to step up my game and being a lover of entertainment, I decided to focus on communication and to branch out into weddings. With this choice I managed to have a complete change of course, which led me to be one of the biggest partners of SWLG.

What has changed since you’ve organized weddings? wedding picture car rental Just Limo

First of all we modified the time table: before it was only a nightly service, now it’s also at daytime. At the same time I added different services that we didn’t offer before, quadrupling my agenda and extending my car park. Now I manage 40 vehicles between old timers, luxury cars and of course the historical ’97 Lincoln. With the desire to please every demand I have gradually grown, beginning to have on my hands other types of particolar cars, too, like the Tesla, the coach service, the Fiat Bianchina, the magnificent Fiat 850 Spider Bertone and many others. And to think it all started with that limousine …

What’s the secret of your job?

The passion, for sure. Cars have always been my greatest love, and that’s why I can be a 100% involved in what I do. Sometimes I’m playing around with myself and I think I’m whispering to the cars, like Robert Redford did with the horses. The concept is the same, actually: the affection I feel for the cars I drive is endless: that’s why handle them with great care has become my most important principle. Next thing, as we are talking about marriages, there’s the relationship with the customer.

And, according to you, what’s the best relationship with a customer during a car rental service? 

Picture car rental Just Limo wedding ceremony

A warm and family approach is surely necessary: people feel comfortable when made at ease. You need kindness, cordiality and above all availability. Usually, when the couple or only the groom  gets in the car, I care about asking always if they need something or if they are fine. The dialectic and friendly aspect is important, and for that it’s essential to establish a friendship with your guests if you are the conductor of a rental car service. Yes, I call them guests: the concept “customer” is too cold.

What’s the most  peculiar service you’d like to tell us?

For some time now we have been organizing “magical” journeys in a limo. We have a service that’s pure entertainment but that has a lot of success. During the trip a magician makes some magical acts in front of the guests in the car. In that case inside the car you create an atmosphere almost of a stage where everyone is involved and where the limo turns into a real magic show in motion. It’s an exclusive service designed by me, that comes from my creative juices and from my will to always innovate.

Just Limo magic tour picture during a car rental

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