A journey into history with Villa Cortine

That great hilltop on the tip of Sirmione

Cortine Hill Picture

The hill Cortine is the tip of the Sirmione peninsula. Its name comes from the latin “cortes” (i.e. place of defence): in Roman times, indeed, this is were a big military post was. The Catullo Grottoes and the Thermal Baths, situated in the surrounding area of the big villa park, are also testimony of the Roman period. In 800 a.C. a monastery was built, which traces are still magically visible on the southern side of the hill. Already at that time the beauty of Lake Garda attracted numerous visitors: in 1259 The Scala Family (at war against Venice) built the castle to protect the small Sirmione community. The facade of the Villa represents a neoclassical style, with big columns supporting it, while the precious Veronese marble was brought there in barges across the lake. The frescoes, the stained glass windows and some furniture of that period are still appreciable. The name “Villa Cortine” appears at the end of the 1800’s. Count Kurt Von Koseritz bought the approx 5ha park and, in 1898, commissioned the reconstruction work.

Immortal dynasties

Today the hotel is owned by the Ghidini Family, well-known manufacturers of Brescia. The beginning of the first World War ordained the returning home of Von Koseritz, who died without heirs. Over the years the Park and the Villa became the property first of the municipality of Sirmione, then of various privates, who in their turn ordered the construction of the new palace wing.

The magic of a century-old park

Another magical element of Villa Cortine Palace Hotel is the 5ha park that surrounds the whole venue, making it invisible to those passing by the fence: a guarantee of privacy and esclusivity for the thousands of guests who visit the place every year and stay in its magnificent rooms. There are also a lot of unexpected corners of the rock making the park a real lovers path. In addition to that the meditiation bench, marvellous fountains and neoclassical statues, natural terraces or obtained in strategic points make this place a proper walking dream. Big century-old trees, majestic conifers, lantana bushes, hydrangeas, arbutus,  myrtle, high palm trees and dogwood coexist thanks to the mild climate which is characteristic for the whole geographical area. The century-old park of Villa Cortine contains some of the 43 monumental trees declared a heritage site by the city council of Sirmione: the design of a story to pass on forever.

A distinguished tradition

Every year famous guests get to Villa Cortine to benefit from the accommodation and the wonderful panoramic view that caracterises the hotel. The power of such a magic place attracted various artists and public figures: one of them is Teresa May, the British Prime Minister whose bond with the palace is now strong and full of affection. A distinguished tradition for distinguished friends.

Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda and Villa Cortine: a strong bond

Cortine picture

The common ground between Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda and Villa Cortine is the magic created during a wedding. Choosing a location like that means setting their marriage in a fairy-tale: the environment is magical and sparkles on the tip of one of the definitely prettiest locations of Italy. Expertise, class, sophistication and confidentiality: everything you need to make the most important day of your life a journey into history. Villa Cortine and Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda come together to celebrate a collaboration that always generated love, satisfaction and serenity. On the other hand, in such a place, there is no other reason to be happy.


“Villa Cortine, officially opened as a luxury hotel in 1953, is the precious residence on the hill where you can spend some quiet time, look for inspiration and regain energy, where you can refresh your mind, rediscover your romantic side and where you can celebrate the most significant anniversaries to make them unforgettable moments ”. Sirmione Wedding Lake Garda

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