Ice, ice baby

It’s a summer wedding, somewhere by the water. Somewhere romantic, perhaps in Italy. It’s a hot day, so the wedding ceremony won’t begin until late in the afternoon, around 6 pm. The venue is a rustic family villa on cliff, with a spectacular garden overlooking the lake. The view is breathtaking, surreal, like in a dream. The ceremonial spot is being set up to have the lake and the mountains as a backdrop. Imagine that photo album for eternity.

The bride and groom are getting ready upstairs. They keep peeking outside from their honeymoon suit to make sure everything is going well. The excitement is growing. The staff is running around finishing the last of the garden decorations. There are lanterns everywhere. The band is setting up near the dance floor. The priest has come and the parents are greeting him along with the first guests who arrived a bit early.

Suddenly, the waiters start setting up the buffet. They take out plates of neatly packed hors d’oeuvres and hot plates with main courses. The garden fills up with the smell of sweet, roasted potatoes and meat soaked in delicious rosemary and basil sauces. Warm pastry baskets placed on every table with cold white wine and honey lemonade waiting for each guest. Bowls of sorted nuts and home-made bread sticks with dip are already working their appetites and setting the mood.

Light music is playing and the garden fills up with people. While everybody’s busy chatting and catching up, the bride and the groom want to supervise one last thing before they come down. The bride catches the waiters bringing it in from the back door, not to disturb the guests or grab their attention. Four waiters roll in five huge frozen barrels and tuck them away underneath a smaller, side table, standing in the left corner next to the buffet.

They bring out about fifteen different jars to put on the table. Some are filled with different types of fresh fruit like cut up bananas, strawberries, peaches and pineapple, while others were filled with colorful cupcake sprinkles, chocolate buttons, nuts, grated vanilla and cinnamon, and a pot of hot chocolate with a small ladle to pour with. Scoops and small paper cups are laid out on the table and the frozen barrels are opened. As the frozen smoke vanishes, the huge barrels reveal the most delicious ice cream flavors: dark chocolate with almonds, raspberry with yogurt, vanilla-caramel swirl, pistachios, strawberry, blueberry-walnut and mint.

The Perfect Dream

Yes, this is the perfect dream. You are dreaming of having an ice cream bar at your wedding, except you don’t have to imagine it. You can have your dream come true. Here are some ideas below.

ice cream bar 3
Wedding ice cream bar

Delicious toppings


Fun for everyone – neat & sweet

Hawaiian luau-themed ice cream station

ice cream

Who can resist a table this sweet?

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