“I Do” with a Bang

A couple of weeks ago, an old friend of mine from elementary school got married on a riverboat restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia. Many couples from Belgrade choose the river bank boats as their perfect wedding setting. The view of the city scape and the Kalemegdan fortress on the other side is spectacular and it’s never too hot on the river in the summertime. The riverboat where my friend’s wedding was held had this exact view, that not even gloomy weather can spoil. After nightfall it’s even more romantic and makes a gorgeous backdrop for the wedding cake photos.

View of Kalemegdan by night. source: skyscrapercity.com

View of Kalemegdan by night. source: skyscrapercity.com

This particular restaurant had a deck where the bride and groom were sitting, all in glass from floor to ceiling, facing this exact view. At the time they brought the cake, to the sounds of the couples’ chosen song, they organised a fireworks display on the other side of the river. It was quite an unexpected detail, but the guests were delighted. It really lit up the sky and completed the moment of the happy couple cutting the wedding cake and celebrating the beginning of their sweet life together.

Custom-shaped fireworks

Custom-shaped fireworks

Having fireworks adds a lot to the list of wedding expenses, but it also adds a lot to the overall impression and atmosphere. It kind of seals the “I DO” deal with a bang and it’s something that everyone can enjoy and remember. In addition, think of all the different photos and videos people will capture with their phones. You’ll have a whole lot of different angles of the performance. You can also save by having less decorations and invest in custom fireworks as the main display. It really adds value to the whole event. They look especially good if your setting is at a river, a lake or at the seaside.

Love in pink

Love in pink – custom shaped fireworks

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