Give Beer a Chance

Like it or not ladies weddings are typically very girly. I’ve heard stories about grooms who really want to get involved and have ideas about the dress and the decorations, but I’ve never actually seen one in the flesh. Sometimes, leaving everything up to the bride is great, but it also leaves the groom kinda feeling left out. So, be a great bride and surprise your man. Include what he loves most into the wedding. Something only for him and his guy friends to enjoy, like the ever so popular beer corner.

Beer Corner for Your Sweetheart

Beer corner for your boy and his buddies

Yes you could argue that wine is more appropriate for a wedding party, but why fake it? The point is for both the bride and the groom to have fun, and if you give him a beer tap fountain, you’d probably remember your wedding night very vividly for the rest of your life 🙂 So don’t overthink it, just do it.

They Can Pour Beer Straight into Their Mouth

Boys will be boys

Not many guys have a sweet tooth, so it’s best to provide the right snacks to go with the beer like popcorn, peanuts, precels…

The Beer Corner with Peanuts & Precels

The peanuts & popcorn corner

You may think of it as extreme for a wedding, but what’s really extreme if you promised to love your man for better or worse? The bravest and most creative brides showed their love and devotion with beer pong tables.

Being the perfect wife is not easy, but it's easier with beer pong.

The perfect marriage is all about sharing a passion…for beer 🙂

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