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A couple’s wedding day is usually considered more hectic for the bride than for the groom. The hype about the wedding dress, the hairdo, the make up and the shoes is commonly the focus of everybody’s attention. The groom’s styling, although important, is typically in the background, so most grooms go with the timeless classic: suit and tie combined with great shoes. It’s simply the winning outfit that works and doesn’t take a lot of effort, which most men prefer to having numerous fittings in an endless search for the perfect wedding style. On the other hand, there are grooms who want to look special on their wedding day and one way to do that is to spice up the classic outfit with a popular, novelty detail – the funky, handcrafted bow tie.

A new kind of elegant

A new kind of elegant – wooden bow ties

One of my friends wore a wooden, handmade bow tie at a wedding recently and it worked really well with his outfit. What’s more, everybody noticed his accessory and thought it was a really cool detail. A great way to be elegant, with a touch of informal. There’s also the advantage of not having to tie a classic tie that usually ends up forgotten on a chair somewhere.

Funky bow ties for any occasion

Funky bow ties for any occasion

Luckily, if you prefer the fabric bow tie, there are also all kinds of different models and funky patterns out there to complete your chosen look. Some can be a bit over the top, but I guess that’s a question of personal taste and the effect you’re looking to achieve.

Color block bow ties

Color block bow ties

You could also order a tailor-made pattern with a theme, a symbol or a message that’s personal and significant. Something like your own trademark in a variety of colors and shapes to funky up your style.

Fabric bow tie theme


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