Fun Wedding Ideas – A Night to Remember

If you are planning an epic wedding party and you really want to have fun on your big day, than you should definitely check out these cool ideas:

Wanna dance?

Use your invitations to prepare music for the wedding party. Ask your guests to write down their favorite dancing songs when they RSVP to your wedding invitation.


Beer bar

Another genius idea is to have an open beer bar on your wedding.  It really looks great and gives your wedding a lively vibe. It can be a meeting point for beer lovers, people can hang out at the bar, they can try different kinds of beer and mingle.


Candy bar

We have to think about the little ones too, colorful candy bar sounds like something that the kids will go crazy about, and let’s be honest; we love this idea too!


Flip-flops for dancing

Girls love to wear high heels and to look elegant and sexy, especially at the beginning of the wedding when everyone is shooting photos. But, as the day goes on the feet get swollen and you don’t feel comfortable in those beautiful, but not very comfy shoes. This is the reason why basket full of spear flip-flops is an awesome idea! Your girlfriends can take off their high heel shoes and put on flip-flops, let loose and dance the night away!


Pool party

Imagine your wedding on a hot summer day, people drinking cocktails, hanging by the pool, dancing, swimming, jumping – what’s better than that? Pool parties are a great idea for summer weddings. Good news is that there is high quality makeup on market so the girls don’t have to worry about their mascara melting off. You don’t even have to bring your swimwear, just jump in and let the fun begin!


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