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Flowers have a very important role at any wedding. It may not seem like it, but they are everywhere and they end up being the soul of your ambience and more importantly, of your photos. Unless the space you have chosen is exquisite on its own and needs very little decoration, flowers are the element that will either bring your whole wedding concept to life or simply amplify the already stylish reception space. If you check out the photo below, you’ll notice that the space is quite simple and that it would not be as memorable without the pink table cloths and the pink centrepieces. Notice how the couple chose planted flowers which can be saved after the reception, reused or simply sold to someone for their home or garden. A nice touch isn’t it? Probably also not as costly as flower arrangements with cut flowers.

Simple, elegant and eco-friendly

Simple, elegant and eco-friendly

Most of the restaurants & halls intended for wedding receptions are a bit naked and simple. This could be intentional, mostly because the wedding planners and decorators need a job 🙂 But, all joking aside, I believe that for working brides and grooms who are very busy and important, their help, advice and experience could really mean a lot, both in terms of budget control and ideas. The bonus of this service is of course the fact that you don’t have to run around town, choose the best offer, track down flowers and arrange everything the night before the wedding. All you need to do is come up with concepts, give them a budget and specify which flowers you want if you have an exact vision. They will tell you if this can fit in your budget and show you examples of similar arrangements.

Simple, cute and affordable

Simple, cute and affordable

The photo above is of the flower arrangements at my wedding. I’m not being a douche, it’s just that I really think advice and ideas resonate better with people when told from experience. I was never one of those girls who had a vision of what her wedding would look like someday, but we knew which colours we wanted – navy blue, beige and white – and we knew our budget, and this is what came out of it. It may seem a bit modest, but it looked quite informal and natural, especially because the flowers were in jars and with lots of green and white gypsophila elegans (baby’s breath), blue gerbera daisies and a few light pink rose buds with a touch of violet wildflowers. The rope ribbons on the jars were also a nice touch in my opinion, as well as the cold lemonade with mint which fit perfectly in the whole wedding concept. But, I simply gave suggestions and when I showed up on my big day it was all set and looked dreamy.

Simple, cute and affordable

Here’s another view of the space

There is also the option of doing everything yourself. It works really well, especially if you are organising the reception privately at your house or at a countryside villa. My friend Ana from university, who lives in California in a house with a backyard, did wonders on her own. She gathered ideas from different sources and worked out every last detail very diligently and cleverly. I am surely a bit biased, but I have to say that her home reception was one of the most beautifully decorated parties I’ve ever seen. Don’t get discouraged when looking at magazine photos. Your decorations can look like that and the costliest ingredients would be your time, patience and creativity. If you can handle that, you can easily transform your space into a wedding reception, as you’ll witness on the photos below.

Ana's guest tables around the house. Colourful and inviting

Ana’s guest tables around the house. Colourful and inviting

Some of Ana’s favourite colours are orange, red, yellow and green, much like her positive attitude and warm personality. She incorporated them all in her lovely outdoor ambient. Her guests were amazed at how she thought of every little detail and joked around that they would hire her for any occasion.

Bride and Groom's Table

The Bride and Groom’s Table

Here, I love the ceramic white jug Ana used for the centrepiece, and the sunflowers really made the main bouquet stand out. They say that sunflowers have an incredible power to improve people’s mood and lift everybody’s spirits. They are not only stunning and known as the “happy flowers”, but their role in nature is very meaningful and important. For centuries they have been a significant source of food, nourishing oils, seeds and various skin lotions. Symbolically, they represent eternity, loyalty and adoration. In some parts of the world people believe that sunflowers can affect your level of spirituality and encourage you to reach a deeper understanding of the metaphysical.

If you would choose flowers for your wedding according to their meaning, here are some tips about the most commonly used kinds.

1. ROSES – Believe it or not, the Chinese first began cultivating roses about 5,000 years ago. Today, they usually stand for everlasting love, but they used to symbolise beauty, peace and even power around the 15th century. Roses are universal and always a great gift. There are more than 150 kinds of roses so you can be very creative.

2. GERBERA DAISIES – These colourful, delicate flowers are the fifth most popular worldwide, both for weddings and in general. They signify cheerfulness, purity and innocence. They can brighten up any space and they come in amazing colours: blue, red, orange, yellow, white and pink which makes them ideal for flower arrangements. Gerbera daisies were discovered in 1884 in South Africa. Various breeds were developed later when the breed was imported to Europe.

Daisies and Roses, rich in colour and elegant

Daisies and Roses, rich in colour and elegant

3. Calla Lilies – In Greek “calla” means magnificent beauty, and these flowers are a true personification of beauty, subtlety, elegance and style. On the other hand, the Romans thought of it as a symbol of lust and sexuality because of its sensual lines and upright pistil. Either way, Calla has always been the ultimate wedding flower as it also symbolises fertility and a happy future.

4. Tulips – When we see Tulips we think of the Netherlands, but contrary to popular belief this is not their original home. Tulips come from Central Asia and the Middle East and they come in over 100 species and many different colours. Each colour represents something different. Red tulips are associated with romantic love, while yellow can mean both unrequited love and happiness. Purple tulips stand for royalty, while white usually mean worthiness or forgiveness. The multicoloured tulips stand for beautiful eyes. Their primary meaning is true love. They work well with white daisies and calla lilies.

5. Bouvardia – The Bouvardia flowers originated in Mexico, but was named after Charles Bouvard, physician to Louis XIII and superintendent of the Royal Gardens in Paris. The Bouvardia flowers look like little stars, or clusters of stars and they come in different shades of pink, yellow, white, red and salmon. Being so feminine, delicate and decorative, they are interpreted as symbolising enthusiasm.

Pink Bouvardia Bouquet

Pink Bouvardia Bouquet. They can add liveliness to your table settings.

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