Engagement gift: ten brilliant suggestions

How important is an engagement present for a couple that is getting ready for marriage? Very important!

The engagement present is a gift to yourselves in order to value the waiting previous to the day in which you’ll exchange your wedding vows. It doesn’t matter if the engagement gift is not related to the wedding theme, as long as it’s an honest thought addressed to the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with. At the same time why not grab the moment and give no ordinary things which amaze your partner?

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In this regard we make you ten propositions of great engagement presents to impress her and him.

Engagement gift: rings

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A ring stays the most classic engament gift there is. Gold, silver or titanium, simple or enriched with special stones … which one will you give your loved one? Which one will you recieve  from your loved one? No matter how lavish it is, it’s always and anyway the thought that counts…

Engagement gift: a record

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Everyone knows that in 2019 digital music has reached the houses of all. But what might happen if our engagement present was a nice record? Blues, rock, jazz, funky …

For music lovers a record can be the perfect gift to go back in time. A spot-on present also for the period in history, given the large number of records reproduced by the contemporary artists.

A keychain with inscription

picture of a keychain as an engagement gift

The inscription can be put on a key ring, even carried out in gold or silver. This present is ideal for all men who wear no jewelry but who want to carry with them the car keys, the motorbike keys and the ones of the house, at all times. Is your partner a car man? Give him a key ring with a word of love engraved: each time he’ll touch the opening button of his vehicle, you’ll certainly make him feel happy for a moment. Is your loved one fond of cycling? Why don’t you give her a lock with your name?


picture of a watch as an engagement gift

Another one of the most classic engagement gifts ever: the wristwatch. There are so many models available that you only will be spoilt for choice: analogue or digital, with a leather or metal wristband, minimal or with calendar and chronometer. What will you choose for your loved one?

Household goods

picture of an house ornament as an engagement gift

It’s always nice to pick out together something for your own place and perhaps the house where you’re going to live together? An appropriate engagement gift could be an original piece of furniture, like a unique designer item, or a valuable appliance, like a TV … perfect to watch your favourite movies, in a tight hug under the covers … like in a romantic film.

Dinner for two

picture of dinner date as an engagement gift

Is there anything better than dinner for two to look in each other’s eyes and to share during an evening by candelight? The nicest engagement present is certainly the experience: in this case an intimate experience of good taste and flavours. A vegan dinner, a steak dinner or a home-made one. According to the taste of your partner or of the two of you an invitation to a fancy place is always nice.

A day at the Spa

picture of a daily Spa as an engagement gift

A day at the spa can become a time of sheer serenity in anticipation of one of your most awaited days. Waiting, we all know, makes you tense and eager … Why not let it all go with a hot and relaxing bath?

A tattoo

picture of a tattoo as an engagement gift

Tattoos stay, also those less desired.  Logically, however, also the prettiest and the most meaningful ones remain. Because, no doubt, that’s the real purpose of a tattoo. A symbol of eternity. That’s why, like marriage, a love tattoo can be the most permanent engagement present, by its very definition!

A portrait

picture of a portrait as an engagement gift

Like in a story of centuries ago … a portrait is by magic and by tradition an engagement gift which may represent a special and particular symbol. A thought clearly more expensive than the other ones … but absolutely original!

The most important thing: give away a moment

A trip, a dinner, visits to museums or european capital cities, a weekend in the mountains or at the beach … You can choose any possibile experience. Some time together will always and in any case be the most spot-on gift.

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