Delicious Vegan Wedding Cake – Why Not?

Vegan couples would probably love for their wedding to be completely animal-derived ingredient free, but that would be ok only if all their friends are vegan too. In every other case that seems like something that just vegans would like, and everyone else would not be that excited about. It’s difficult to please everyone’s taste but you can try with preparing various dishes. But when it comes to a wedding cake, there are no compromises, it’s gonna be your way! Believe it or not, these vegan wedding cakes are something that EVERYONE will like. Even though people are used to regular cakes with butter, milk, eggs or cream, there is a way to make a delicious wedding cake which does not include any animal product.

vegan torta2



Here are some recipes for vegan cakes which can be a great idea for the wedding cake.
The fist one is a a colorful fruit cake arranged with natural flowers. This amazing dessert is made of bananas and frozen strawberries which give the cake that sweet taste. Cashews and dates give the cake a solid texture and orange gives a delicate fresh and soft taste. The most important ingredient is organic virgin coconut oil that puts everything together and adds the tenderness and softness to this dazzling fruit cake – Recipe


Colorful fruit cake



For those of you who are great fans of chocolate (which is totally understandable), we have chosen this mind blowing chocolate fluffy cake:

The ingredients are simple – The Chocolate Cake


Fluffy chocolate cake


Vegan or non-vegan, cakes are something that everyone loves. Your guests will certainly enjoy these delightful cakes not knowing that they are completely vegan!

These are just some of the ideas to help you choose the right dessert and finish your dream day in a perfect way. We are sure our cake chefs can make all your wishes come true.




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