Breathe gentle

When you cross an outstanding world famous American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality with an incredibly talented Italian singer, songwriter, producer and author, and then put them together in a fascinating historical town surrounded by the dazzling water of an impeccable lake admired for its beautiful scenery, you get an unimaginable romantic music video that can make you envision your ‘special day’ being created right there in paradise. This is exactly what happened when Kelly Rowland and Tiziano Ferro sang the duet ‘Breathe Gentle’ and Sirmione was the chosen place to shoot the music video.

Kelly Rowland who became well known in the 90’s for being a member of the highly successful girl band Destiny’s Child famous for many songs including number one hits ‘Bills Bills Bills’ and ‘Say My Name’, has continued from then as a solo artist to wow the world with more songs, such as the number one dance hit ‘When Love Takes Over’. Because of Rowland’s astounding musical background, she also landed herself a role as a judge on the superstar finding, reality TV series X-Factor UK.


Tiziano Ferro is known as the modern face of Italian pop music, his work is regularly topping the charts in Italy, whether it being a song he has sung, written or produced. Ferro has also sung songs in English, Portuguese and French. In fact, he also released an English duet with Jamelia called ‘Universal Prayer’ that was used to promote the 2004 Olympic Games in Greece.


‘Breathe Gentle’ was filmed in Sirmione, Lake Garda. Kelly and Tiziano play the roles of two diamond thieves in love and living dangerously on the run. The video continues to show off the beauty and elegance of Sirmione on land and water from beginning to end. Some of the fascinating features contained in the film include:

Stunning views of the lake taken from land, boat and helicopter, to capture the charm of Garda from all angles.

Internal and external scenes of fascinating historical buildings, including spectacular glimpses of the Scaliger Castle.

Boat rides demonstrating just how magical the atmosphere is out on the dazzling water of the lake.

A couple resembling a bride wearing white and a groom wearing a tuxedo, in love and sharing intimate moments in the most romantic and enchanting scenery.

And, last but not least, Kelly Rowland and Tiziano Ferro finish the duet singing in Italian, the most sensational and passionate language of all time….

Se cerco, lo vedo, l’amore va veloce e tu stai indietro. Se cerchi, mi vedi. Il bene più segreto sfugge all’uomo che non guarda avanti mai’.

‘If I look for it, I can see it. Love goes fast, you stay behind. If you look, you can see me. Most people don’t know the secret is to never look ahead.’


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