Bond on the Lake

Three words – Lake Garda – James Bond – Aston Martin.

Ladies if you like the idea of getting married in Garda, but your fiance still needs some persuasion, then he needs to read this.

Lake Garda – An ideal place for an opening scene to Quantum of Solace and to show off a high performance GT sports car like the Aston Martin DBS V12.

aston martin

James Bond is ‘escorting’ Mr White in the boot of the Aston Martin to a secret MI6 location. The route taken goes through Lake Garda, where the Aston Martin is caught up with by Mr White’s men in two Alfa Romeos. This is only due to heavy traffic, as the two 3.2-liter V6s are absolutely no match for the DBS V12. During the deadly chase through a narrow, two way traffic tunnel, the car is shot at repeatedly and is able to dodge its way past an out of control lorry, recover position from a chaotic spin, overtake moving traffic with close on coming traffic, make a 90° angle turn at a high speed and other death defying stunts. These performances really show off this beastly machine’s abilities.

The Aston Martin is equipped with a 5935 cc V12 engine, with four valves per cylinder, in which produces 510 horsepower. It also owns an active bypass valve which at around 5500 rpm opens and lets more air into the engine, this allows the car to propel itself from 0-63 mph in 4.3 seconds. As you can see in the video, the DBS does not only drive fast, but it also handles the road like a boss. This incredible handling performance is created by a unique framing structure putting 85% of the weight in between the wheel base. It also has an ADS (Adaptive Damping System) which changes the suspension so the car is able to cope with the driver’s intentions, different road conditions and potentially hazardous weather. Switching on the ADS allows it to automatically alter the suspension settings when appropriate, this increases the response in breaking and throttle, and sharpens the steering, allowing the driver to have great levels of control at all times. To keep the weight as low as possible, a considerable amount of the car is made from carbon fibre. It boasts Pirelli P-Zero tyres and lightweight, aluminium 20″ wheels which were manufactured especially for the DBS.

aston crashBecause of its awesome features and immense structure, a stunt man who plunged the already demolished DBS into the lake (accidentally), freed himself, swam away and received only minor injuries (and a speeding ticket from the Italian police).   

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  1. Gio Tenca
    25th February 2015 at 6:15 pm

    This opening scene is awesome 🙂 Great job on the tech specs of the Aston Martin!

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