Black Wedding Dress – Would You Dare to Wear?

Black has always been a symbol of elegance and style. Every woman has that little black dress that she keeps for special occasions, but when it comes to wedding dresses, they are traditionally white, or some other bright color shade, but certainly not black. Traditionally wedding dress is white because it represents purity and innocence, but in the 21st century it loses it’s sense. That’s why many alternative brides choose to break the tradition and wear other colors for their wedding day, and some of them opt for black wedding gowns. No, we are not talking about a horror movie, the black wedding dress is a real thing, and many offbeat brides are choosing not to wear white but black on their big day. Some women just don’t like doing everything by the book, and we admire them for their courage.

Black wedding


Many of world famous designers have black wedding dresses in their collections, including Vera Wang!


Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress

Vera Wang Black Wedding Dress


When big Hollywood star, famous for her starring role in “Sex and the city” TV show and a fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker wore beautiful black dress on her wedding day in 1997, the world was in shock! Her marriage with the actor Matthew Broderick is still lasting, so the black color was not such a bad idea after all.


Sarrah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

In 1997 the most memorable fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker wore black on her wedding day


Famous Canadian actress Shenae Grimes tied the knot in a stunning black dress.


Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes and Josh Beech


Lately everyone is talking about Australian famous blogger Sophie Cachia’s wedding. The 25-year-old decided to break the rules and wear a beautiful black gown to walk down the aisle and marry her beloved husband-to-be.



Sophie Cachia


Three years ago Avril Avigne married rock star and frontman of the Nickelback band, Chad Robert Kroeger and she was also wearing a beautiful big black dress:


Avril-lavigne-768 1213112

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger


Hate it or love it, but you have to respect the bravery of these women who decided to forget about superstitions about black color and be themselves on their wedding day no matter what everyone else says.




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