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Italy is a wonderful country with 20 different regions, and every region has its own customs, tradition, architecture, food, and even dialects. It almost seems like every region is a country of its own. But, all the 20 regions have one thing in common, they are all extraordinarily beautiful.  Beauty and style are this county’s trade mark. From magnificent Alps and beautiful lakes at the north to turquoise coasts on the sunny South, Italy is one of Mother Nature’s masterpieces. This is the reason why couples from all over the world chose Italy as a perfect place to tie the knot. But, how do Italians do it, what are their wedding customs and traditions?

Italy, Venice, St Marks, bride and groom running

Italy, Venice, St Marks, bride and groom running

In some regions of Italy, especially in the south, the wedding dress is given by the groom’s mother. Naturally, the bride will be the one who is choosing the dress; however, she is accompanied by the future mother-in-law, her mother and any sisters or girlfriends.

Women having fun during bridal gown fitting in wedding fashion store

Choosing The Dress

When it comes to the wedding dress, there are superstitions of all kind. For instance, the color that symbolizes good destiny appears to be white, while the ivory predicts turbulent life; blue indicates bride’s sincerity; and pink predicts an economic loss. It is believed that the bride should not see herself in the mirror on the day of the wedding, allegedly that is bad luck. If she wants to do so, she has to take of one shoe, an earring or a glove before she looks at herself in the mirror.


The Bride

Traditionally, on her wedding day, the bride is supposed to wear a garter which allegedly brings good luck.


The Wedding Garter

In some parts of Italy there is a really romantic tradition, the day before the wedding groom goes to the bride’s house and sings a song “Serenade” in front of her window. The groom is accompanied with musicians and friends.




In Italy, traditionally, the groom has to buy the bridal bouquet. This represents his last gift to his girlfriend before she becomes his wife. The bride can choose the bouquet, the one that will perfectly match the dress, but the groom has to pay for it.

Wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquet


In the north of Italy there is a funny tradition of cutting the groom’s tie. During the reception, groom’s friends cut his tie and like in a real auction, they sell the cut pieces to guest, and the collected money goes to the new-wed couple. On the day of the wedding, the groomsmen do their best to make the groom as uncomfortable as possible by saying things like “Maybe she forgot where the church is”.


Friends Cutting Groom’s Tie


Wedding favors are sugar coated almonds which are put in small decorative bags. Every bag has five candies because each of them represents health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility. This bags are traditionally given as a gift to wedding guests. There is another tradition, after cutting the cake bride and groom go from table to table, the groom wears a silver tray with wedding favors and the bride gives an odd number of candies to guests.


Wedding Favors

After the newly wedded couple goes out of the church their friends and family throw rice at them. This tradition symbolizes fertility.


Friends Trowing Rice on Couple


Tradition matters, tradition gives us sense of belonging, it brings families together and enables people to reconnect with friends. Trends come and go, but tradition stays, and it is there to remind us of true values like true love is.



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