Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Now that the nice weather is finally here, it’s time for our favorite kinda weddings!

We love outdoor weddings for so many reasons, but mostly because there are plenty interesting ways to decorate the surroundings and give your wedding day that charming vibe. Ideas are endless, from lightning decoration, balloons, flowers, trees, lanterns, to beautiful big floral wedding altars like the ones that we see in romantic movies. In fact, Italy, with its magnificent landscape, vineyards, olive tree fields, beautiful lakes, seashore and mountains, is just perfect for organizing the open air wedding.

Here are some ideas that we just loved:

C’mon baby light my fire

The crucial thing for romantic ambient is the light; nothing transforms the space like right lightning. After the sun goes down, light decoration plays the biggest role in creating dreamy wedding atmosphere.o-WEDDING-LIGHTING-facebook

Simple elegant white, baby pink and blue lanterns also accentuate charming mode, and they really go good with the outdoor space and nature:


Lightning decorations give magical look to the whole thing:

BeFunky Collage22

Candles – the first thing that pops our minds when we think of romantic ambient

Floral decoration

Lash green grass, trees and blooming nature can be decorated with some additional flowers so the surroundings looks more colorful, and has more lively vibe. We also found these cool DIY (do it yourself) ideas like flowers in mason jars that hang on trees and freshly picked flowers in rustic vintage buckets – everything is in touch with the nature.


Amazing ceremony floral structure will make your wedding look like a scene from some romantic movie:


Other cool decoration ideas

Everything is in details, but we have to be careful not to over do it. Balloons are ultimate decoration for any event, but wedding requires soft matte colors that give the simple touch to the outdoor decoration.


The good thing about outdoor wedding is that the nature is beautiful just the way it is, a few creative ideas and just a little touch of decoration are needed to make the place look magical.



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