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Beautiful Eco-Friendly Wedding

Your big day is coming and you want everything to be perfect, just like you have imagined all of your life! Big and beautiful wedding does not necessarily imply spending a huge amount of money and energy. Lately, everyone is talking about natural, green, environment friendly weddings, and we are really glad for that. Making your wedding more sustainable doesn’t mean that your special day will be less fabulous. Green wedding is a great way to combine both outdoors wedding and vintage elements which are a huge hit these days. Not to mention that going green on your big day has great economic benefits.


If you are not that well informed about how you can organize Eco-friendly wedding, we’ll give you some tips, you’ll see, it’s much easier than you have imagined.


Choosing a place where you will say your long waited “I do” is one of the biggest decisions to make.


Getting married outdoors is the best way to save energy. You can choose some of the beautiful open spaces, next to a lake or in a big beautiful park, or in some vineyard, options are endless, especially in Italy. This way you will not spend a lot of electricity because of natural light.  If you are not that crazy about outdoors weddings, then you can opt for a wedding in an old castle with big windows or some other big building with natural light, and when the sun comes down, you can light it up with natural candles. The most important thing is to hold the ceremony, the reception and the party in one place so people will not drive from one place to another and emission a lot of gas in the air.



Locally sourced food is the best option. Not only that not much energy and fuel is used for transporting it, but also there is nothing better than traditional Italian food, local, organic vegetables and fruits which are not treated with chemicals, meat that comes from farms nearby, and beautiful Italian wine that is made from organic grapes. This is a way to make your wedding more Eco-friendly and more healthy.





Wedding dress

Vintage is the new modern. Why spend huge amounts of money on a dress that you will wear only once in your life when you can buy affordable yet beautiful vintage dress. You can even remodel your mother’s or your grandmother’s old dress and make it totally modern and chic. However, if you really want something new for your wedding day, than you can find out which designers use organic and sustainable fabrics.



Even flowers can be non organic and treated with chemicals which are bad for the environment. Choose only organic flowers and keep it sustainable with arrangements with planted flowers.



The new really cool, Eco-friendly thing is to send your guests plantable wedding invitations which are embedded with local flower seeds. Your guests can throw the invitations in dirt and one day, when the beautiful flower grows it will always remind them of your wedding.

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Even when it comes to your wedding day, think globally, act locally! Small changes make the difference.




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