A Bali Beach Wedding

While honeymooning in Seminyak on Bali, almost every evening just before sunset young couples would show up at the beach, all dressed up, taking photos before the big “I do”. One evening, a particularly cute, young couple came out to the beach with their entourage and I just couldn’t resist taking some spontaneous photos. The bride and groom didn’t mind. They were glad to be the center of attention as so many cameras were pointing at them.

The groom was in the mood to pose for me

The bridesmaids were all in white tops and light green ballerina skirts, carrying flowers and kicking their shoes off. It would be really ridiculous to stand on the beach in heels, so they left them aside.

Kick your shoes off - it's a beach wedding

Kick your shoes off – it’s a beach wedding

The bride was in a simple, romantic, champagne – colored, short dress with light make up and her hair up. Even so, the sea breeze was not too kind to her pretty hairdo, but she didn’t seem to care. Everything was so romantic and relaxed and they got a big applause from the Seminyak sunset watchers.

One with the bride and her bridesmaids

One with the bride and her bridesmaids

The sun sets very fast in Bali, so the window for the photo shoot was short, but sweet. Still, there’s an idea for a modest wedding anywhere where you can find a lake or a river bank. Any beach looks fabulous at sunset and in doesn’t take a lot of effort to organize. Pack up your closest friends, get dressed up and just do it. Lake Garda has a lot of secret intimate beaches, and if it’s closer to you than Bali don’t think too much about it. It’s just as beautiful as the seaside, and even fancier than most destinations.

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