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A trip to the wonderful Dogana Veneta

Dogana Veneta is a famous Venetian-age building. Recently restored it’s also being used as a location for events and wedding ceremonies. A magnificent place in the heart of Lazise, that served as a real thoroughfare for trade. Representing the border between Lombardy and the Republic of Venice, this place in fact functioned as key customs house for the trade at the time. In an ambience of merchants, soldiers and customs officers, its story developed in the course of an ever-changing world.

We met the wedding planner (we told you here what are their main tasks) Sabrina Coltri, who told us what it means having a wedding at Dogana Veneta.

How does a wedding at Dogana Veneta go and what is the most popular formula?

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At a wedding the whole medieval village is transformed into an entire location. Religious service and aperitif on the lakefront terrace: this is usually the most requested formula, even if a big number of couples wants to celebrate their marriage with a civil service. For this occasion the ceremony can be organised in the internal spaces of the Dogana, while regarding the religious service it is possible to hold the orthodox or catholic service in the village church.  Having said that, there is a possibility of setting up ceremonies for all types of religions and therin we always try to monitor in the best way all the arrangements. The indoor hall is air-conditioned or heated to be used all year round. In wintertime you can also benefit from the quaint flowers, while you can have lunch or dinner inside and have the wedding cake cutting outside. The most attractive point is undoubtedly the lakefront terrace where you can admire the whole coastline and the Sirmione peninsula in the distance. The guests can see the changing of colours of the natural scenery all the way through the ceremony until nightfall. The ancient role of this Dogana has favoured its position, totally unique in all Lake Garda.

What is your personal advice as a wedding planner?

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I usually suggest to arrange a long ceremony to make use of the whole day through its   colours change and the long time. If you choose this way the entire day includes aperitif, lunch and dinner.

Which factor characterises Dogana Veneta?

For sure the position of the location: frontlake, open space with the possibility of indoor catering. Capable of hosting up to 250 people in one hall, the commodity and the beauty are decisive when choosing to celebrate their wedding here. Dogana Veneta owns a concept different from the rest, because generally those who choose Dogana Veneta choose three things: the lakeview, the location and the hospitality. Lazise is a venue full of services and prepared for any emergency. A proper crossroad where you can seize atmospheres and situations at all times different.

It’s winter, let’s talk about winter marriages. What does Dogana Veneta provide for on this matter?

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Lazise is a magical location at Christmas and throughout the whole winter season: decorated streets, typical markets, music making. In wintertime this place almost becomes a fairy world, an enchanted corner. You can set up your ceremony with an indoor aperitif  or a mulled wine outdoors. In this case the days are shorter ans that’s another reason to take advantage of the light from morning till afternoon. Then there is the dessert buffet, which is rich and contributes to the creation of an evocative environment. Panettone, herbal teas’corner, hot chocolates: everything you need to cuddle yourselves. Besides, during the holidays people appear more relaxed:  it’s a festive atmosphere and that’s also why a lot of winter weddings are celebrated on Christmas Eve.

Why choose Dogana Veneta?

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Because Dogana Veneta means spending a day different than usual: admiring the lake, visiting a timeless place, being struck by the famous “wow” effect. A real experience to live all-around. Said that, you can adapt every wedding to a different theme: there is the ‘20s theme, the ‘50s theme, the Christmass theme or the rustic theme. That doesn’t mean however that a winter wedding necessarily has to be Christmas-themed, like a summer wedding doesn’t have to be rustic-themed. Numerous possibilities are open and the freedom of organisation is absolute. Its neutral facilities favour this aspect, but the whole location is unique: a restaurant can be immersive and relaxing, but a place like this leaves an indelible memory.

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