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An entity originated back in the year 1891 and carried on from generation to generation.

When the first tourists of Lake Garda began to ask for a visit to Sirmione and its magnificent water, the local fishermen decided to organise small tours to show the foreigners their land and the lake that embraced it. The expansion of Bertoldi Boats was due to the big demand of lake excursions,  and because that innovative idea had turned into a nice tradition for the whole community. From a fisherman’s boat taking the tourists on excursions between the reeds to real experiences on board of beautiful motorboats: this is the story of Bertoldi Boats, a big organisation that SWLG cooperates with to present to the newly weds an enchanting stage on the water. “Enjoying the beauty of the lake from a different angle.” It’s the reminder of Marcello Bertoldi, face of the important  company of boat tours.The boat rides of Bertoldi Boats get you to know the natural beauties of a timeless place as they bring together the magic of the wedding and the magic of the surrounding landscape. A perfect way to live his own love cruising the waves of Lake Garda. Like the beginning of a long adventure, also the boat ride could be the start of a love story with your soulmate. We talked with Marcello,  who told us what Bertoldi Boats means and what kind of experience they can offer during one of the greatest days of your life.

Sunset on the lake (tours)

What does Bertoldi Boats stand for?

“Bertoldi Boats was born a long time ago, and it’s been passed on from generation to generation.

Nowadays our services range from simple tours to aperitifs, dinners and special occasions aiming to make the time on board not only just a  tour but  a real experience to tell. Our mission is to make it possible for whom chooses to come aboard of one of our boats, to spend  an unforgettable day, and during a wedding the aim is to offer pure magic to the couple living one of the most important days of their life. An indelible experience that can live on in everyone’s heart. “

Picture of the boats on lake on tours

What distinguishes you from the other operators in the area?

“What makes us special is the effort we put in always looking for innovation, planning new services and updating the existing ones. Everything belongs to a bigger picture: to work to create something that doesn’t already exist, making each day our activity a novelty for everyone. Shortly, for instance, at the Boat Show of Genua our new electric motorboat will be presented: an environmentally sustainable and fancy novelty.”

Picture of luxury boats destinated to tours

What are your most important or most requested tours?

“The tours are pretty varied: the choice depends on the persons, but I can confirm that each one has its specificity and its value. Some propositions are basic, but sometimes we modify the services according to the guests’ requirements. Only during a wedding you can make scenic stops picked by the couple, as there is no better time than the one spent in the company of the story of our lake. Very often, during ordinary services, we also have the chance to witness unexpected marriage  proposals! This is the real magic: once in a while you expect something new and special, not just from us.”

Pictures of a just married couple on tours

What detail makes a boat trip even more special?

“The music for sure. A romantic saxophone on board is like an aphrodisiac, but most of all it makes the moment a real fairytale to tell. And then with the lights and the colours of the  sunset it’s not hard to imagine how nice it is  being rocked by the waves while listening to the tenderness of such a delightful sound. There is to say however that in each tour one creates a unique and  engaging situation. Also for us working it’s nice to see that a couple is enjoying the trip: it means that our passion bears fruit.”

Sax on boat during tours Piano on boat during tours

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