12 Reasons to have your wedding in Sirmione

A wedding is a ceremony where two people vow to spend the rest of their lives together, witnessed by family and friends in a location chosen carefully by the couple. The decision for this location is not an  easy one, unless of course you find a place that’s perfect in every way for the bride, groom and guests to enjoy every second in comfort and experience unforgettable moments like no other.


12 reasons to choose Sirmione as your wedding destination:


21. Lakeside – Being a town on a lake gives many benefits from creating fantastic backgrounds for photographs, feeling a peaceful and serene atmosphere outdoors, having many available activities for the couple and guests to do during or around the wedding, to also having the option to tour on a boat and experience the true beauty of Sirmione and other amazing parts of the lake from the tranquil waters of Garda.


12. Its historical centre – Sirmione is a historical beauty. The Scaliger Castle for example dates back to the 13th century, surrounded by a moat, it can only be entered by two drawbridges and is accessible to the public as an entryway to the peninsula tail. There are also three main historical churches surrounded by small cobbled streets, piazzas and other classical buildings.


 pounds3.Money – Weddings are not cheap, but every bride wants a decent wedding. That’s why value for money is important when planning your wedding. Having your wedding in a Eurozone country means you will get an exchange rate of approx. 1.34 (figures based on Feb 2015 exchange rate), so if you have a budget of £18,000 (average wedding cost in the UK) this will be changed into 24,185 euros. Imagine the difference this makes to a wedding



4.Weather – And yes! There is a big difference. The average maximum temperatures in Sirmione during the most popular months to wed are: Jun 28°C, Aug 30°C, Sept 25°C and Oct 18C°, whereas in England they are: Jun 19°C, Aug 21°C, Sept 18°C and Oct 14°C. You are guaranteed a better chance of having beautiful weather on your big day.



lasagna5.Food – Every wedding has to have a superb menu, waiting service and cake. It is no secret that the Italian cuisine is the finest in the world, this is because Italians take pride in their cooking. With a Sirmione wedding you can provide your guests with a spectacular Italian feast, containing famous favourites like – warm home made bread rolls, prosciutto, mozzarella, olives, bruschetta, minestrone, pasta, spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, tagliatelle, speciality fish and meat dishes, and not forgetting the delicious desserts that range from the tantalising tiramisu to persuading panna cotta.


46. Wine – Italy as we all know is also famous for its magnificent vineyards that produce some of the leading brands of wine all over the world. Here in Sirmione you and your guests can enjoy some of the local wine from the Lombardy and Veneto regions- Franciacorta, Garda Classico, Bardolino. Custoza and Lugana are among some of the favourite wines of the area.



gel7. Gelato – Being more than just ice cream, gelato can be served in many different flavours including – snickers, kinder, biscuit, custard, chocolate, strawberry, pistachio, banana … the list is never ending, it is churned at a much slower pace than normal ice cream allowing less air into the base, this creates the more dense flavour, it contains more milk than cream which lowers the fat content and is also served at a warmer temperature to give the softer texture that makes you want to melt with it when the taste enters your mouth. Sirmione contains many premium gelaterias where you are spoilt for choice.


spa8.Unwind – Sirmione is famous for its thermal springs. If you really wish to relax before or after the wedding there would be no better place than in Sirmione, there are a number of thermal wellness, spa and beauty centres. Therapeutic packages, beautiful views and healthy refreshments are available to give a heavenly ambience.




9. Make it a holiday – While you and your guests are away, why not make the most of it. Your wedding can consist of a few days. There are plenty of things to do during your stay at Sirmione for all age groups, for example – travel around the lake on a boat visiting different towns that each have something unique to offer, spend a day in Verona, Milan or even Venice, visit Gardaland, Movieland or Canevaworld (amusement parks), or enjoy the nightlife as there are many prestige bars and clubs.


Hospitality10. Exceptional hospitality – In order for an event to have that extra special something, exceptional hospitality is essential. Commitment, communication skills, organisation, teamwork and enthusiasm are all essential to ensure you receive the best hospitality services. These are all received at a high level by the businesses in Sirmione.




11. Flights – The flight time from the UK to Italy is approximately 2 hours, with many different airlines offering various routes at amazing prices. To reach Sirmione you have a choice of 2 main arrival airports Milan and Verona which are reachable from many airports in the UK. You and your guests could stay in an amazing city during your stay without extra travelling.



12. English – Here at Sirmionewedding we have English speaking employees to help get your special day organised more efficiently. Also, Sirmione and the surrounding areas are very popular for tourists, so most locals, waiters, shop assistants, bar tenders and hotel employees speak English making everything easier and giving you a more homely and friendly feeling.


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