Wedding Bouquets

Originally, wedding bouquets were a bunch of fragrant herbs and flowers to keep evil spirits away. Today it is a superior symbol for a bride and must match the dress perfectly, as if it is an accessory.

The key issue is trusting an experienced floral designer with its creation. The bouquet is in fact made up of balance and proportion, it’s not just a bunch of flowers. It is important that the bouquet remains healthy for the whole day, so the flowers must be fresh and of a high quality. If you are to get married in the summer, you should choose flowers that do not wilt quickly in the heat.










The shape of the bouquet depends not only on the model of the dress but also on the bride’s stature. And it is the only arrangement that does not need to match the floral theme chosen for the wedding.

The bouquet can be:

  • CASCADE: Perfect for a tall graceful woman wearing a fishtail dress
  • BUNDLE: Consists of rather long flowers; very suitable for slim brides wearing a simple dress.
  • SMALL: Dedicated to a petite and elegant bride
  • ROUND: a small ‘balloon’ comprised of small flowers, perfect for a bride wearing a short dress
  • MASSIVE: this is perfect for a bride wearing a long traditional dress covering her feet


The bouquet should be carried with ease from the middle, using the left hand, or in the case of  a bundle bouquet, resting on the arm.

Launching the bouquet is a typical western custom: Tradition has it that the bride blindly throws the bouquet at the unmarried guests, the unmarried woman who catches the bouquet is said to be by fate the next one to marry. Usually a second bouquet is used for this tradition so the main one used in the ceremony can be kept as a reminder, the most common way to preserve the bouquet is by drying it.









Dedicated bridesmaids, sisters, witnesses and closest friends can be given a corsage by the bride, usually worn on their clothes or wrists. The corsage is elegant, small and compact. It can also be completed with a velvet or satin bow.

The best advice for a bride is to consider the bouquet as an accessory, like a clutch bag, ‘wear’ it with ease.

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