The veil is always glam

The veil is an important accessory for its symbolic value and because it is a sign for romance.

The veil must kind of be in tune with the dress, but also have its own personality. It guarantees the dramatic effect, both smooth and hazy, short or very long, and gives the bride a special aura. But lets not forget it must be removed; in its place you can put a headband, fresh flower or a natural style.



There are different types of veils:

Aviary or American: covering her face and is raised by the groom when the bride reaches the altar;

Cascade: focused on the nape and falls freeing the shoulders;

Mantilla: edged in lace, very elegant and elaborate;

Short: can reach the chin or at the most touching the shoulders, it’s very suitable for those who get married at city halls, very chic style

Small veil: usually sewn on a headband or a hat, definitely highly fashionable, for a modern bride, but also ideal for a vintage or retro themed wedding

Train: the most solemn and ceremonious, when it reaches a maximum of three metres in length it’s called ‘cathedral’, then up to seven metres ‘royal’ which is precisely in royal weddings (Princess Diana wore a famous 7.62m long train).

Remember: having the right balance is the key, keep in mind the proportions of your dress and stature.


veil diana

Above: Lady Diana’s wedding dress and veil being displayed at an exhibit.

The length of the most common type of veil worn reaches the finger tips when the arms and hands are stretched outwards, this size is suitable for many dresses, in any case, the longer veils should be worn with more formal dresses.



And what will your veil be like? short or like Princess Diana’s train?


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