The Dream Wedding To-do List

There are a number of things to think about when you’re starting to plan your wedding. This is one of the most important days of your life and you have to do your part to make sure it turns out to be a hell of a party.

As a newlywed, who just got married last weekend, I am glad to share that my husband and I took care of everything ourselves, had a great time and survived 🙂 Even though the excitement is winding down, we remain impressed with how smoothly everything went and how much fun we had with all the people we love and cherish in our lives. It helps if your guests are party animals by default, but you also have to make an effort to show everybody you had them in mind when preparing your big celebration. Taking everything into account over the last few days, we came up with a list of things to remember to help you organize your dream wedding.

Happy newlyweds

Happy newlyweds

1. Make you own budget – If possible, handle the expenses on your own and in line with your budget. If you rely on your parents to help, you might have to dance to their tune with more people from their guest list than your own. Sometimes you could end up on the same page, but it is always better to make an effort, save up and have it your way. If you can manage that, rest assured that your wedding day will be stress free.

2. Trust the professionals – When you choose the venue, you will find that it is important to listen to the advice of the capable and experienced organizers. If they come recommended by someone you know, even better. Give them your ideas and let them work out the details. You will not have a lot of time to put together all the pieces of the puzzle yourselves. Communicating your wishes clearly is important. It is a guarantee that you will get what you want.

3. Wisely choose the music and the menu – You know best what your guests like and what they’re expecting from your party. Sacrifice other things in the name of having great music and a rich menu. On your wedding day you want your dance floor constantly full and your guests’ glasses and stomachs full. Speaking from experience, this is what gets people in a great mood and makes a fabulous wedding party.

4. Be happy and relaxed – The overall atmosphere is largely your responsibility. Show how happy you are and let people know it’s important that they are sharing your special day with you. The overflow of emotions will pump up positive energy that will spread fast and take over everybody. Let it flow and soon even your grandmother will be rocking the dance floor.

Crazy wedding party, photo source Trevor Dayley

Crazy wedding party, photo source Trevor Dayley

We hope our “just married” tips help you out. It did wonders for our special day.

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